Monday, April 13, 2009

Manic Monday: Taste

Here's a taste of my Monday morning:

Rohan sitting on my lap with a book about dinosaurs. As he turns each page he asks, "Mommy, whas dis ones named?"

I reply in turn with each dinosaurs name. After he pauses for a moment to look at the picture and absorb the given name, he then asks what it's doing. I tell him a little something for each one... this one is reaching high to eat the leaves... that one runs really fast... these two can fly up high (interjection from Rohan on just how high that one can fly, complete with spread-arm illustrations).

Then we turn one more page. "Mommy, whas dis ones named?"

"That one is a Stegosaurus."

Without any pause or hesitation, Rohan says, in his very CUTEST Rohan voice, "Ya! Dey are huge! Dey can wiggle da earth."

Monday mornings are a beautiful thing when I focus on the precious deductions of a three year old mind.


Brecca said...

He is SO cute! I really enjoyed this.

The Wolfs said...

Clancy that is so cute! I just love when you are asked all the questions while trying to read them a book!

Ginny said...

I love it! I could almost hear and see it!

Polly said...

That sounds like a great morning! I'm loving that stegosaurus can "wiggle" the earth. Next time there is an earthquake, you'll have to get the camera ready to catch that huge stegosaurus!

Kristin said...

That was beautiful! You are setting a great example for all of us.

Loved it... you paint a very good picture!

Travis said...

Wiggle da earth. That's great!