Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From The Jar... #37

Today, the Jar begs the question:

What would you like to be remembered for?

Although, I was playing editor again for you. The Jar really asked "What would you like to be remember for?" Past tense, Jar. Past tense.

My month-long (or was it longer?) Jar hiatus made me forget just how hard these questions can be. This is the kind of question that makes me feel like I'm bragging, because, honestly, what am I supposed to say? "I want to be remembered for my *tardiness. I want to be remembered for my bad habit of *picking my arms. I want to be remembered for my special knack for *disorganization and *less-than-ideal housekeeping skills. I want to be remembered for my *poor-planning days full of whimsy." That doesn't grab you, does it? It doesn't cry out "Eulogy" in my mind.

I don't know if the Jar is asking for a eulogy, it's just what this feels like. Like we're talking about me after I've left my body and the green, green earth.

So, rather than crowing on and on about what I think I would like to be remembered for, I'm going to take a different route. In true Larrie's blog fashion, I'm going to enlist the help of you, my lovely readers. If you were asked to speak at my funeral, or... if you're scared of public speaking or just scared of funerals... you were asked to contribute something to another person's talk at my funeral, something that you remember me for, what would YOU say? (you can say something even if you have never met me for real, as is the case with select readers)

I will give said speaker one item that I would like to be remember for, postmortem:

I would like to be remembered for making those around me feel good. I hope I'm remembered in the same way I think of my grandma: Sunshine in human form. *Sniff, sniff.* I'll miss you, Clancy.

Post Edit: I'd also like to be remembered for my desperate love of Frisbee.

*all very likely things that I will be remembered for... (Larrie, look how awesome your blog is! I copy you all over the place!)


Anonymous said...


Kristin said...

You are very accepting and can make just about anyone feel comfortable!

P.S. If I get around to doing this jar post I'll put what I WANT to be remembered for... aka what I hope I can accomplish/become!

Rachel Chick said...

Tell you something that I love about you?? What a hard request, Clancy! ---- Not!

To me, Clanc, you ARE sunshine! I love it. You always make me happy. You make me feel like I am not quite so weird. You are a kindred spirit to me. You are incredibly understanding and accepting of other people. You work so hard at being better and are so beautiful just the way you are! I love you so much! --- Speaking of which, whether we run again or not, we really need to get together! I've been missing you - on your blog and in real life!

Shanana said...

Hang on a moment. *sniff, sniff* I'm a little verklempt. What would I say in a eulogy for one of my greatest blogging cheerleaders? Though I never knew she existed a few months ago, my posts have been a little more enthusiastic since she first blog-stalked me, thanks to her spunky comments that encouraged and uplifted me. What would I ever do without her?

Maria Hart said...

You are a creative soul. You are a shoulder, for tears and for burdens. You are a seeker. You are an open ear. You are sunshine. You are laughter. You are a true friend.

Kaci said...

Oooo I just love your blog. It's full of so much wisdom! :)

lynsey said...

okay i wrote this big long dedication to your non-dead self and then my computer bugged out and erased it all!! can you see the smoke coming out of my ears?? because it was prose my friend, and you were the centerpiece on the table. nice analogy isn't it.

anyway, to sum up the symphony of words i wrote, i would say this about you:

i like clancy because...

she gets me.

and to have never met face to face or spoken to someone who gets me, but she still gets me, is huge. and rare.

that and of course she is the definition of human sunshine. :)

Brecca said...

Clancy, You are the most super-energetic person ever. You are spontaneous and hilarious and love to play games and have fun. I love that you are always trying to improve yourself (but you don't need too!) You are a good example and a friend to everyone and we should all be more like you!

Travis said...

I would remember you through your writing.

Ginny said... are the embodiment of sunshine, you share your soul through your writing which is like an onion -- it has many layers (thank you shrek)

i love that you and i are so different and yet so much the same and for the instant connection i felt (even as i shared gory birthing details to a perfect stranger...weird and quite unlike me)

i also love that you are not dead, so i can continue to be nourished by your light.

the end. or not, as the case may (gratefully) be.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for coming to Clancy's funeral. She really appreciates the Frisbee bouquets in lieu of flowers.
She asked that I give a message here because of two things: our connection via dog bites to the face and also our love of goofy blogging. However, Clancy also had a serious side where she would write some beautiful words. So, you see? We now have a wonderful legacy via her blog. That and her history of Facebook status updates. We will cherish her FB history forever.
(And that's just the start of my little eulogy... hope it was worthy of your rockin' blog)

Noodle said...

One thing that comes through your blog, Clancy, is your honesty. It's what makes you human, interesting, amusing, and helpful. And I definitely see that it illuminates your writing.
I love reading about your self-improvement programs, and your friendship with Maria is so lively. I wish I could know her as well as you do. :) Your heart is full of love and admiration for others, and the acceptance you extend to them is inspiring. Thanks, Clancy.