Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- I've moved back into the part-time-single-mom life with surprising ease. It was really hard the first two days, but then I settled right back into my groove. I don't know if that's a good thing, but I'm grateful that the transition wasn't as hard as it was the last time.

2- Laughter. It truly is my favorite thing. Laughing hysterically at Arctic Circle is even better.

3- Sunshine. It's supposed to be nice weather this week, a welcome change from the gloomy rain. But, the rain did provide for perfect snuggle days!

4- One time Ella was watching me type something. I was typing really fast... I think I was transcribing. She watched me for a while and finally asked, "Mom, do you have eyes on your chin?"

I didn't understand the question at all and said as much.

She explained her query with another. "How do you know which buttons to push for typing?"

Giggles ensued.

5- I know I've been writing about him a lot, but I must add how I love Rohan and his precious little isms. Just now I was getting some laundry folded and a stream of sunlight from the window poured in just next to where I was standing. I would flip the clothes when I pulled them from the basket and as I did, dust particles would move through the stream of sunlight very quickly and then slow down as the air stilled. Rohan watched this with interest and asked me, as he has on numerous occasions, "Mom, what's dose?"

I replied, "Those are dust particles."

"Dust pawticles? Den, why dey wuv us?"

I couldn't suppress my mirth, but he didn't seem to notice, and on the heels of his previous question asked, "And, why dey wun awound?"

My giggles erupted into a full-blown belly laugh and I couldn't answer those two questions or any of the deluge of questions that followed, distracted by my son's precocious mind.


Rachel Chick said...

I love your kids! They are so cute! Thanks for sharing their cuteness with me today!!! :)

Kaci said...


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I love kidspeak... they just capture the moment so much better than adults.