Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- The burden of "I have to get ready for my tax appointment" is now off my shoulders.

2- Tax returns. I know that it's an interest free loan to the government. I know that, so don't say it!!! But I can't help feeling giddy, all the same.

3- I hate it when my children are sick because they suffer. But there's a sunny side to everything right? That's what FFF is all about! So, the sunny side to Mac being sick yesterday and today is that he is SO mellow, relaxed and sweet. There are no irritated-with-his-sister comments or grouching at his parents. He's just so mellow. Just so sweet. Just so sparkly-from-the-fever-eyed adorable!

4- My husband is reading a book that I never thought he'd read. He's so freakin' cute! Thanks to the movie, his interest was peaked. I will never reveal the name of the book though. His secret is safe with me.

5- It's been a little rainy and overcast but the temps are still in the 50's. Blessed, blessed spring!

Have a FANTABULOUS weekend!

Oh, and here's a P.S. for you.

P.S. I have had several people ask me about when I'm going to post the rest of my version of the "Yeah Write" project. I just thought I'd let you know, it's a bigger story than a hurry-up-and-write-a-post is allowing. And I'm having some fun with it. It might be a while, but it is coming. :-)


Brecca said...

Hey Clank- I'm part time now so I'm not on the internet as much. I just read a bunch of your posts to catch up and I absolutely love you! I love cold ceral too- is more than once a day too much?

Ashley said...

It's Twilight, isn't it? :) I know it's Twilight! And I think that's awesome. My husband won't even watch the movie with me!

The Beckstroms said...

I hate when Caroline is sick as well...but it's the same as your little Mac, she is so mellow and just wants to cuddle...what mom doesn't LOVE that!? I hope he gets well soon. Also, I love the reunion idea with the Wizard of Wasatch gals. We had the best time!

Ginny said...

good things come to those who wait... :-)

brits said...


Kristin said...

I love #3... gotta' find the bright spot even though they're not feeling great... Noah gets more cuddly... I love that.
#4... I think it's awesome too. Brett watched the movie and liked it well enough, but still no interest in the movie.

Emily and Dustin said...

My guess is Twilight, too! :-)

Hope your kids start to feel better soon!

Polly said...

I told you mine already read it...but our difference is...if he'd seen the movie first, he probably wouldn't have. LOL