Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tue Pose a Question

Why is it that last week I was so excited and anxious to go work out... even when I was so sore I grunted with every move I made... but this week, I'm hardly sore and all I want to do is sit on my can and read a book or play on FaceBook?

Too bad, Clancy! Come on, body... off to aerobics we go!!!

Rohan has this to say (he loves to type on my blog posts) :


Maria Hart said...

Opposition in all things... it gets harder before it gets easier... the path of least resistance... new habits take 68 days to establish... are you reading a really great book?

Clancy Pants said...

Not really... I am reading a book, and it's great, but it's one I've already read 4 times.

Emily and Dustin said...

How insightful, Rohan! :)

Shanana said...

Aerobics? What's that? My butt doesn't remember. And it doesn't have the patience for 68 days of reminders... Okay *I* don't have the patience for 68 (or even 6) days of reminders. Good luck!