Thursday, March 19, 2009


So, this has got to be some sort of a record for me... I've only blogged once in over a week. I don't have much of an excuse. I have been busy. And I was out of town. But mostly I just didn't feel like it. Here's a few random bits from the last week-ish of my life.

-After he gobbled up a tuna sandwich, I grabbed Rohan's arms commenting on how his muscles must be growing from eating that big "Tuna PBJ" (as he calls them... all sandwiches are PBJ's). To which he replied, "Dat means I can wift up people and cais (cars)...... and cops...... and guns. Daddy's going to make me my own swoid (sword) and gun." Where do kids come up with this stuff?

-I took my car into the shop because our headlights don't work right. There's some sort of short which made it so when the daytime lights are on, only the driver's side worked. Then, you turn on the nighttime headlights and only the passenger side worked, and the high-beams, just the driver's side. Dustin replaced the bulbs and it still didn't work so we knew it was some electrical problem. It's been really handy (sarcasm) and Dustin and I have both been pulled over for the offending headlight. So, I took it in. Headlights out, no big deal, right? A hundred buck, tops? Well, that's what I thought. Try again, Clancy. "Five hundred dollars, please" says the man at the Dodge dealership. The problem was the "Front End Control Module". It's some computer thing. Nice. Modern, computerized cars are overrated.

- I, apparently, have been really happy lately. Or I've been having hysterical dreams. Dustin woke up and couldn't get back to sleep on Monday night and when he was coming back to bed at about 3am he said that I sat bolt upright in bed and was laughing my head off. Full on belly-laughs. He said I looked totally awake, and when he asked me what I was laughing at I told him there were all these funny people in bed with me, but not to worry, they were just laying there. Then I laid back down and was totally asleep in two seconds. That is not an isolated incident. I've been laughing a lot in my sleep. A LOT. And laughing hard, according to Dustin. I don't remember any of it.

-I have a love/hate relationship with my iPod.

-It's Spring Break for my kids next week and Dustin and my parents are going to be in Louisiana the whole time. BOOOOOOOO!!!!

- Springtime. Frisbee yesterday at the park with my kids and Maria and her kids. Glorious! And I'm a little sore. It really feels pathetic when you toss a Frisbee for an hour or so and you get sore. I need more exercise.

-I've fallen off the plasma wagon. I'm going to try to get on it again in a few minutes. Let's hope it goes well. That money was very helpful in our unexpected car expenses. Yay for plasma!!!

-The End.


lynsey said...

your dreams sound fantastic! except i must say it's a little freaky to be laying in bed with a whole bunch people, funny or not. but i love how you said, "don't worry, they're just laying there." lol!

i swear to you, if i come back in another life i am going to become a car mechanic. they can rip you off and there's nothing you can do about it. "front end control module," my rear. they changed a light bulb and charged you 500 bucks. sorry, that's a sensitive subject with me! :)

Travis said...

I did that once...woke up laughing. It was very weird and I couldn't remember the dream.

But I'll say waking up laughing is way better than waking up screaming.

Elena said...

I LOVED the dream bit. So funny. I wish I could have seen it. And $500??!! OUCH!

Polly said...

No kidding on the car computer thing. My battery died while Dustin was in training (out of country). I jumped it with our wouldn't hold a charge...WHY?? Oh, that's because the computer still thinks the battery is dead...they replaced the battery and reset the computer. LAME!

I'm not sure if laughing out loud is a good sign or a bad one...but it sounds sensationally great to me!

We had spring break this week...Dustin had to cover for his boss who was on vacation, so he had lengthy days of work all week. :( Sorry...we did go see "Race To Witch Mountain" with some friends...not sure if Rohan would enjoy it, but M & E probably would. Plus there's that bonus spring thing...we played outside all day today!

Thanks for the randoms...I've not been on mine either...


Anonymous said...

so did the laughing in your sleep happen to coincide with when you started reading my blog?
I'm not really vain and wouldn't think that I would have that much power over your subconscious... or that I'm actually funny enough to skip the dreaded 'LOL' and generate belly laughs in people
but let's pretend cuz that would be cool

Emily and Dustin said...

Car troubles are the worst! I feel for ya!

Ashley said...

Frisbee at the park sounds like tons of fun! I've been dying for it to feel like spring here in Seattle, but it's still cold and rainy. Enjoy your spring weather!