Monday, March 2, 2009

Manic Monday: Waffle

I was reading a fellow Manic Monday participant's post (Travis) and he said, "I love panCAKEs. But sometimes it's tough to know how much syrup is enough syrup. Sometimes I don't get enough syrup and the panCAKE is too dry. And sometimes I get too much syrup and the panCAKE is soggy.

Now's always easy to tell when you have just the right amount of syrup. Just fill up all the little waffle dents!"

Travis' comment box was flooded with comments about his genius waffle/syrup ratio. And, while I thought it was an excellent post, full of wafflish insight, it was a problem I have never considered.

Upon further waffle reflection, I realized that my lack of consideration on this dilemma has to do with the fact that I don't put syrup ON my pancakes/waffles but, rather, to the side and then I dunk. That way, a pancake doesn't fall apart because it's all soaked through with syrup and I have some measure of control over the waffle-pancake/syrup ratio.

I do love to fill the waffle "dents" with butter though... a guilty indulgence!

Any waffle quirks you'd like to share?


Kristin said...

To me, filling the waffle dents is not a new idea. That is just how it's done. I usually put too little on pancakes and end up dunking like you. It's just easier that way!

Brecca said...

Waffles are my favorite food and I eat them any time of day plus I think they taste so fantastic I don't ponder too much about how much syrup they have.

Polly said...

I don't put syrup on top either. It's on the side or not at all. Same for my kids. If it's on top, they just want more to dip it in, so we just skip the "on top" part and let them dip.

Ginny said...

pancakes or waffles...i just like them soaked!

beth said...

I fill in the squares too. As for cutting the waffles, if I cut in a way contrary to the lines on the waffles I honestly feel stress coming on, like an inner contradiction, and I feel less satisfied with the eating of the waffle. I know, quirk.

Travis said...

Sorry to take so long to get over here. It's been quite the week.

I shall consider making a change in the way I dress my panCAKEs and perhaps convert to this dunking idea.