Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

I have been on a serious non-blogging jag... but, life is still fabulous!

1- Friends. They are the best. I've been well taken care of while my hubby, Mom and Dad are out of town.

2- Exercise. I've done it twice this week and I feel like a million (extremely sore) bucks! You didn't know bucks could get sore, did you? I have this little problem where I don't know how to ease into stuff. I just hit it hard like I've been exercising everyday for my entire life... but I haven't actually been doing that and that's why I'm so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, sososossosooooosoosoososososoosoooooosSSSSOOOOOOOOOssssoosoososoOSsoooooosososo, so sore! But I don't mind. In fact, I love it. I've been doing aerobics at my friend's (see Fabulous #1 above) ward where she teaches and it's been very fun and very free. Plus I'm going to start running again on Monday. I'm so excited to RUN! I can hardly believe it, but I actually LOVE running and am SO looking forward to it!

3- Pretend dinner dates with friends are fun!

4- Cadbury Mini Eggs. I love these little babies. I could eat five-hundred and forty-two in one sitting. I also like to exaggerate... but I do love these Easter treats! Despite my desperate love affair, I've only bought one bag this year. Go me.

5- My little Mac man is such a good boy. We had a few extremely rocky spots today and we (both he and I) pulled through like champions! Hooray for learning/teaching opportunities! I have high hopes for and tons of faith in this child of mine.


lynsey said...

i am sooooo with you on the mini eggs. i've been avoiding the easter candy aisle every time i go to the store. but they still call to me!

Kristin said...

How fun! I caught the "4" in your exaggerated number in #4... so cool to know you better! ;)

Ginny said...

somehow I get the feeling all those so's were not excessive hyperbole!! you go!! oh, and :-). 'nuf said.

The Beckstroms said...

Those Cadbury Mini Eggs are going to be the death of Adam and I. I just bought 2 bags, intending to share them. Well, they are gone and I am ready to buy more. I am glad to see you have an update...and good job on exercising, thanks for some motivation..I LOVE feeling sore just knowing that you did something so good for the bod!

Maria Hart said...

Here's to exercise so we can keep eating Mini Eggs. We prefer to by the big bags of them at Sam's Club! BTW, I need to get you out mountain bike! You will love it! And I want to start running, but we drove in last night in a blizzard, and even got diverted to the old highway in Blackfoot last night, because there where so many slide-offs and accidents. I don't like to run on ice!

Ashley said...

Seriously, that's amazing you've only bought one bag of mini eggs so far. I'm on my third bag already! They are TOO good!