Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five and Rohan

1- It's Friday. Need I say more? I love Friday. Friday feels like a party, whether or not one actually happens. It just feels fun!

2- I think I'm figuring out iTunes. Call me retarded, but I've found it uber annoying and not very user friendly. But, I think I'm getting it now.

3- Today is the last day of school for my kids for until a week from Monday! YAY! I hope the weather is nice. If so, we'll go play Frisbee every day.

4- My son is REALLY good at Frisbee for an 8 year old. He's gotten good enough that's it's not just me doing my mom-job to play Frisbee with him. It's actually fun and challenging. Dang, he's gonna be good when he's 18!

5- My cell phone charger broke. This is no normal charger you can just pick up at the store either. It's a long story about that, but the end result was that I went for about a week and a half with no cell phone. Then my mom kindly charged my batteries with her phone and then they died again. I was waiting for a charger to ship from either or somewhere in Hong Kong. (more long stories) Anyway, to make a long story short, Hong Kong pulled through and I can finally charge my cell phone again! I'm so glad. I heart my cell.


Rohan came over to me with a DVD case in his hand. He said he wanted to watch this show. I said ok. He's been very interested in the fact that there is a "bonus material" disc and he asked me, "Why is dat bonus material there?" I told him it was just some extra stuff. He was satisfied. I wanted to pick him up (because he's so cute) and in doing so I made him drop the DVD case. He got really worried and I assured him (as I held his cuteness in my arms) that the DVD was fine. He responded, "Yeah, dat's cuz it's made out of 'extras'!"


Mic and Jazzy said...

I too love Friday. It is the most fantastic feeling to know I have two peaceful days just to spend with my husband.

We are going to the Draper Temple dedication on Sunday- super exciting!

Emily and Dustin said...

I love Fridays too. What about iTunes do you not get?

Travis said...

I love my iTunes and my Ipod. In fact, I'm due for a trip over to the iTunes music store. Perhaps I'll do that this weekend between basketball games.

Kristin said...

I love the cute things that kids say! It's just awesome.

I look forward to the day when playing with my son is a challenge... sounds like fun!

Polly said... gotta love those durable extras!


Maria Hart said...

Keller calls the extras, "special futures"! He loves to all the special futures on his Hot Wheels movies. Also, I will get your frisbee back to you ASAP!!

Ginny said...

I had to laugh at #5, only because I know some of the long story. Hope you enjoy your party day and your spring break!!!

Kaci-Ellyphant said...

HAHA!! He's so funny! Gotta love him!


The Wolfs said...

Rohan is so super cute and very clever my kids never even notice that there are "extras" so cute!

triplej said...

Extra features are annoying to me because I used to have to maneuver and run the remote, but now the girls can get around the DVD so it is not as bad, but the silly little games are so annoying. Cute little Rohan!

The Beckstroms said...

What a darling story. I wish I could meet your little bundles of cuteness..maybe one day. I too believe that Friday feels like a party. I absolutely love looking forward to it each week!