Monday, February 9, 2009

More Rohan

*Rohan and Mom were eating breakfast. Mom was reading while she ate. Rohan blessedly interrupts Mom's read...*

R- Hey Mom! Did you know that animals have black spit?

M- Oh yeah?

R- Yeah....*pause*..... Some do....*pause again*.... Two of dem do.

*Very long pause*

M- So, which two animals have black spit?

R- Hmmmm.....I don't know.

*more pausing*

R- Mmmmm, bears have black spit. No. Bears have brown spit. That's cause they are brown. SHEEP have black spit! But they don't spit.

M- Really?

*Rohan continues eating his breakfast. Mom quickly writes down the conversation because some things little boys say are too funny/precious/adorable to trust to memory.*


Emilee said...

This is so funny! I could just spit!

Polly said... need to catch some grasshoppers and caterpillars...there's some gross spit for him!

Genene said...

K.. I know I'm the gramma but, DANG that's cute! I can just HEAR him saying it too. That makes it extra cute!

Elena said...

LOL! I think he and my Carter would be great buddies.

Ginny said...

amen...too cute! i love cute boys!!!

Maria Hart said...

Sounds like he was talking about a camel that likes to eat black licorice! Yes to the music, let's brainstorm!

Brecca said...

He's super adorable!

Travis said...

LOL! Sounds like something he heard but can't remember the whole story. Cute!