Monday, February 2, 2009

Manic Monday: Cloud

Cloud Idioms found on

in the clouds
, in a condition of absent-mindedness; lost in reverie.
This is me in the shower. The shower is a place where my mind goes somewhere else. I think. I pray. I am lost to my surroundings. I go through shampoo and conditioner at an alarming rate because I get so "lost in reverie" and "absent-minded" that I forget whether I've put either one in my hair. I can't even guess at the number of days that I've shampooed and/or conditioned my hair twice, possibly three times, but, such is the price for having my mind "in the clouds", my thinking place.

on a cloud, exceedingly happy; in high spirits.
This is me after a great writing moment, painting several rooms at my duplex, cleaning and making things look all shiny, sewing something pretty for myself or my kids, working really hard in my yard, or playing with my children. This is me in accomplishment instead of lethargy. The mere act of ACTING puts me on a cloud. I, therefore, make a "New Day's Resolution" to ACT this day. To experience my perch on a cloud.

under a cloud, in disgrace; under suspicion:
This is how I felt about blogging after asking a friend if she blogs. Eyes darting to her husband, she said something to the effect of, "No. I don't blog. I don't do Facebook or MySpace or any of those things. My brother warned me to NEVER, NEVER put so much information about me on the internet. People can use it against you and steal your identity and [blah blah blah]. So, I don't do it."

Then MY husband looked at me and said, "YEAH!"

What's a blogging girl to do when information like that is thrown in her face? It hurt me. I was thinking about this very conversation in the shower this morning as I was duly thinking about the word cloud, trying to figure out what I would write on it. Last night I had found these idioms and I liked them, but that's all that came to mind was how much I liked them. I still didn't know what to write.

As I was thinking these multiple things in the shower, I squirted conditioner on my hand and, as I looked at it, I wondered if I had even put shampoo in yet. So, I washed the conditioner off my hand, got shampoo and washed my hair, for perhaps the second time. I then grabbed conditioner, squirted it on my hand, rubbed it in my hair while saying out loud, "I am now putting conditioner on my hand- and now in my hair- and now I've done conditioner." (That's often the remedy to my problem, speaking out loud.) I chuckled to myself at my forgetfulness and then I remember the idiom and realized I was "in the clouds" at that moment!

I also realized that the conversation with my friend had put blogging "under a cloud" in my mind. Her words crumpled something in me and I didn't even realize it until this morning in the shower. As I sat and thought about it, I got angry. Yes, it's true, there are risks with blogging. Should I stop blogging because of it?

I've got news for my friend who unintentionally and unknowingly made me spittin' mad... there are risks in this life. There are risks with driving. You might wreck, break down, get a flat tire, get hit by someone else... or even DIE! People get killed all the time in car accidents! There are risks with investing your money. The economy could go south and the stock market could tank... oh WAIT... it already did! You could invest in rental properties and be a really nice person who would actually listen to certain people's excuses and then they might walk all over you causing you to lose enough money to buy your own car all over again! There are risks with buying things online. There are risks walking down the sidewalk. There are risks with falling in love. There are risks with bearing and raising children. There are risks with simply being alive on this earth.

But you know what? With the risk come the reward. With driving comes convenience and efficiency. With investing comes hard-earned education and prosperity. With online shopping comes convenience and a broadening of options. With walking, an appreciation of the beauty of the trees, of a fellow walker's smile and the joy of moving joints and muscles. Falling in love brings a sharing of a life, making joys a little sweeter and pain a little easier to bear. Children bring love and learning to an extent that's hard for me to fathom right now as I can't see the forest for the trees. And being alive on this earth brings the melding of physical, emotional and spiritual in a symphony of growth and change, heartache and jubilation.

I am not going to let the risks hold me back. I LOVE blogging. I love the freedom it allows to say what I want to say and to express myself and grow through my favorite outlet, writing! I will take the risks and let go of the fear. Fear calls to you what you are afraid of and what we focus on, we bring more of into our lives. I choose to focus on the joy. I choose to tuck the fear in and kiss it goodnight, and when it wakes up again, because it always does, I will repeat the process. It can have it's place in someone else's heart if they choose, but my heart lives in faith and love today, or in essence, on a cloud.


Kristy said...

Good for you, Clancy! I hear a lot of people being worried about the "dangers" of blogging too, but really I agree with you. There are much bigger things to be afraid of. Hooray for's so fun to see what people are up to and be able to communicate and share this way.

Polly said...

Yes, there is certainly risk. I often wonder about that. But, like you said. I try to experience with as much care as I can allow to still enjoy it. I have trust issues anyway, so putting it all out there on a blog or facebook or something is therapy for me.

Great post!

Polly said...

oh...and the reason i came to your blog in the first'll be happy to know/ relieved to hear that chapter 4 is complete. I am editing/reworking...but it's done! Hooray!

Jamie said...

That was an absolutely great essay on the joys of blogging. Sometimes you just have to reach out to others. If you have a bad experience, well stuff happens. Almost all the time, the rewards that come rolling in make you greatful to be alive.

Kaci said...

Beautiful white puffy clouds

Ginny said...

amen on the shampoo/conditioner uncertainty! so funny! amen on the risk/reward schpiel on blogging. I like to think that one great reward for me has been your friendship!!

and polly, can't wait til thursday!!!

Maria Hart said...

I loved this muse. And, you know, not to be crude or anything, but there is also White Cloud brand toilet paper! So... clouds are also a way to clean up the crap that is a natural part of life!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog so it's a good thing you don't give into the fear.
Live on a cloud... regardless of the excessive shampoo/conditioner use.

Travis said...

If you're living in fear, you're not living.

Rachel Chick said...

Hooray for you, Clancy! You make me happy. Your writing is a blessing to us all. :)

bv said...

I think it's irrational when people fear blogging and the like. Obviously there are cautions that you can take to protect yourself, etc and your analogy to driving i perfect. So you can choose not to go anywhere or youcan choose to take some pretty mild risks and GET A JOB, EFFER! Whoa, sorry. I just hate that you felt icky and you know how I get when someone messes with my Clanc :*

Chatty Natty said...

I couldn't have shared the same sentiments better if I had written them myself. Thank you and you're so right. There are risks but how lame of a life is we were always worried about the risks. Blogging is a way to combat all the negatives of the internet and openly spread a little sunshine. Good for you and too bad for your friend.

Genene said...

Bravo!!!! And ditto to all the comments above!!