Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From The Jar... #33

My little Jar says...

Did you and your mother share an interest in any special activity?

Why, yes, actually. We did.

I suppose that the Jar wanted to follow that question with something like, "What was it, and why was it special?" That's pure speculation on my part, but I'm going to go with it.

My mom and I shared a special interest in being together. I can't say that there was any one particular thing that we liked to do, but whatever we did, we loved that we were friends and could do it together. I loved spending time with my mom. Always. Even when I was a teenager we had an excellent relationship.

I remember so many times, she would come and tap me on the shoulder and quietly ask if I wanted to run to the store with her, go shopping or run an errand. I had to keep it "hush-hush" so my siblings wouldn't be alerted. I know she loved us all equally, but she loved to take me to the store the most. :o) I didn't beg for whatever candy we were walking past or whine for her to buy this or that for me. We were "pals" and we just had fun.

My mom had a little Yamaha scooter. (well, for a scooter, it was actually kind of big) We would cruise all around Salt Lake on that thing. Those are some of my favorite memories. She would retire it in the winter, but I remember one time, mid-November or December, when our van was broken and I had to have a ride to early-morning Seminary. So, at 6:00 am, Mom and I wrapped ourselves up in warm layers finished off with GORE-TEX windbreakers and we hopped on her scooter and rode a little more than a mile in below-freezing weather. We screamed/laughed the whole way. This particular road goes over a gully with a creek. The moisture in the air drops the temperature by 5 or 10 degrees and when we crossed that part of the road, our screams went up in both pitch and decibel. We were laughing hard by the time we got there and I went into Seminary remembering, not how my cheeks stung with cold, but how my heart filled with warmth and love for my mother!

As adults, our relationship is much the same, except I can't always sneak away since I have my own responsibilities as a mother. But we love spending time together. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing relationship with my mom!


Noodle said...

I rode on a little yellow Yamaha with my dad when I was in Jr. High. We even took the laundry on it. I remember everyone staring as my dad dropped me off at school some mornings - we had to wear dresses, so I rode sidesaddle.
After my dad died, years later, the little Yamaha was given away for parts and I was so sad. It really reminded me of all those rides with him. Thanks for writing about this, Clancy!

Holly said...

I remember your mom's scooter. I always liked that thing. My dad had an old Honda motorcycle that was fun, but he didn't ride it much. That gully was brutal in the mornings, even during the summer. Great post.

Ginny said...

ahhh...made me think of my mom! not the scooter part, but the running errands together and just loving to be together. still love it!!

fun stuff! thanks!

Connie said...

What a fun insight into your relationship with your mom. When I read the question, I thought your answer would be about music or singing. So it was fun to read about scooters instead. What a fun post!

Kristin said...

I'd like to, but not... sorry!

Genene said...

Fun Time!! Thanks for the reminder! We DID have some fun! Thanks, too, for the kudo's! It's always been a pleasure to be around you!