Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

Whoa! I'm tired. I have been so freakin' busy this week and I've gotten so much done! Just call me Awesome. Just for today! ;)

1- Carpet. Today. 2:30.

2- Mac and Ella will sleep in their beds tonight for the first time in nearly six months. I could cry. I might just, when I kiss them goodnight tonight. I'll bring tissues.

3- I've been enforcing the "Basement Reclamation Act" that I pushed through my own personal Senate. Slowly, my basement is resembling something besides an explosion of chaos and dirt. While I was cleaning, trying to organize the construction mess, and folding large amounts of laundry I kept grabbing clothes that one would hang on hangers... Ella's dresses and sweaters, Mac and Rohan's dress shirts, etc... and I set them aside thinking I'd have to figure out where to put them (as I've done most of their lives). Then, I had an epiphany. My kids have CLOSETS! Real ones. With shelves (you know what shelves are, right?), and a rod. They will even have beautiful bifold doors after the carpet is laid. Real closets.

For any of you who have always had closets for your children, you have no idea how much you take it for granted. We moved in with my parents shortly after Mac was born. The rooms we stayed in didn't have closets. Mine did have a closet of sorts, but it sucked. Mac's room didn't have one at all. We lived there until Ella was about a year old. (long time, I know) Then, we bought a little house. We had a decent closet in our room, but Mac had no closet still and Ella had a funky little armoire thing that smelled weird so I didn't like to use it. Then we moved into our current house where there is essentially one funcional closet. Mac and Ella slept in that room for a short period of time until we moved Rohan into that room. Mac and Ella came down to the basement into a big room that, you guessed it, had no closet. So, most of their lives they've had no closet and I've had years of frustration regarding the hanging clothes. But not after today. Oh, I could cry again! I could if I wasn't so darned tired. I love staying up until 3 am because I forgot about my kids' Valentine's Cards for the school party. It's awesome.

4- I bought little children's hangers for my kids' brand new closets. They're so cute. Pink for Ella, blue for Rohan and Mac. Can I tell you what utter rapture I have been in this week? Closets. Real closets. I've been putting toys and summer clothes on shelves and hanging clothes on rods with pink and blue hangers. This is funner than Christmas!

5- Dustin had a situation at work that was bothering him. We thought it was going to cost us a big chunk of change. It resolved itself yesterday in the most amazing and gracious way and I'm so grateful.

Friday's rule.


Mic and Jazzy said...

Horray for Fridays! Honestly I don't think I could have made it another day. Congrats on the Closets!

lynsey said...

i am thinking a true closet celebration is in order! throw a closet party & decorate it, complete with bows for the hangars & streamers for the doors. eat a meal in there, or maybe just a dessert & sparkling cider. it is time to celebrate your accomplishment with some fun! then wrap it up with a good box of tissues and embrace each other. :)

happy friday!

Polly said...

A closet party is in order!

I love closets, I love shelves and I LOVE color coded hangers.

I feel elation with you! Congratulations!!!!

Fridays definitely rule!

Kristin said...

I'm so happy for you... it sounds wonderful. And thanks for the dose of perspective. I get it a lot lately... maybe the Lord is trying to tell me something. ;)

Love you!

Kristin said...

P.S. I like the new blog title!

Kaci said...

You're AWESOmE!

Erin said...

Closets are a big deal. Every time I am at my mom's we all have our own plastic bucket under our beds or something. I have loved having closets for my kids. It really is the little things that can be so great. Happy Valentines Day!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Where are our closet pictures???

The Wolfs said...

Love that you are loving your closets they are the most amazing and wonderful thing ever I could never live without ours. We defineately have a lot of space and closet room in this house and for one who has to be organized I love it. Okay so this is funny that I just realized but how to you know Lynsey she is one of my cousins best friends and we used to hang out with her all the time growing up - small world eh?

Genene said...

And LOVELY closets they are, too! You're joy has been leaking out & it feels GOOD!!

I, too, feel a party is in order to celebrate the good things! What time shall I come? I'll bring my tea & fish! ;-)