Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

Well, here we are. Friday again. Did this week go really fast, or was it just me?

1- I have a GYNORMOUS wound on the roof of my mouth... you know, a Captain Crunch wound? (well, mine's not actually from Captain Crunch, but it's that kind...) It had been there forever now- a week or something. Will it ever go away? I'm thinkin' yes, but I've never had one last quite this long. You may be wondering why that made the list. I'm wondering the same thing.

2- Someone I love is making me a scarf. Her first scarf EVER! I am so blessed.

3- My house is REALLY messy right now. REALLY messy, and there's someone coming over at 10:00 am. Say it again? OK. REALLY messy. But... he's coming to measure CARPET!!!! I'm so excited, messy or not.

4- I have a Captain Crunch wound, but am, otherwise, in perfect health!

5- My dad is the coolest. He's coming to my messy house to paint some more. I love him so much. My mom is the other coolest. She tags along for the fun of it and gives my children gum. It's extra funny because she taught Ella that your gum won't get all hard if you put it in the freezer. Ella taught her brothers. I find a lot of mummified gum in my freezer door that they forgot to chew some more. It might sound gross to you, but I think it's adorable. Little trails of precious, gum-saving children.

6- Bonus round. That gum story reminds me that maybe I should look at drips of jelly on the counter top or smears of toothpaste on the sink, or tracks of snow in the entry as precious little trails made by my favorite little people. I would cry for those messes if they were suddenly taken away. I'm grateful for cleaning up after my children, and teaching them to clean up after themselves.


The Beckstroms said...

Your posts always make me really happy! I love, and became tearful, reading about the cute little trails of gum. I too am grateful for the little trails that little darling people make. Right now our trail is stickers!! Also, those Captain Crunch wounds are ruthless, I can feel your pain!
And new carpet! The smell of that alone is the greatest! I agree that your parents are pretty awesome too. Two of the absolute nicest people, I feel lucky to know them!

Polly said...

LOL...gum in the freezer? I haven't heard that one. congrats on the carpet.
dab your sore (or swish) with should help it heal faster.

Elena said...

Oh, I feel for you and your wound. I had wone this past week under my tongue and on the side of my gum. I thought it would never go away either. Love the gum. That's hilarious.

Brecca said...

I need to think more like you. all day long it seems like I am unrelentlessly cleaning up after the little people in my life. I will miss their little adorable messes when they are grown up. Tomorrow my sister and I are blowing insulation into the walls of our downstairs bedroom- so we might be giving your dad a call. -He's the MAN!

Kaci said...

OMG I have a sore in my nose...dry air or something...but ya it needs to go away too!

Connie said...

Thanks for helping me appreciate my kids' fingerprints an messes. : )

Travis said...

I hate those accidental bites on the inside of my mouth. They take forever to heal.

Ginny said...

oh how i loved, loved, LOVED your bonus fab!!! loved it because it is so true!!!