Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Can I Say!?

Three posts in one day?! Amazing.

No, really I'm just a sucker for a good Mortgage Company and a giveaway. My new pal, Elena, sent me to this company's site. They're giving away a free iPod! I want an iPod, but I also love a good Mortgage Company. I haven't had personal contact with them, but I have perused their website and I must say, I'm impressed. Options are good. If you're looking for a mortgage, you might want to check them out. They seem like a really cool and laid back group with integrity. So. Check it out, if you wish! :)


Genene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Genene said...

That deleted comment up there was me, oops.......

elena said...

LOL! Oh Clancy, I just laugh everytime you say anything. You make me happy! Yes, they're a great group and thanks for posting about them. ANd how about that awesome website, eh? I know the guy that did that too. (FYI, he sleeps in my bed.)

Jason said...


This is a family site! Keep those type of comments to yourself! :)
Clancy, if you're a friend of Elena then you're a friend of mine. I look forward to meeting you some day. This has been such a fun marketing tool for us. It's been neat to see how many new people we've met. Thank you for your kind words and we'd love to help you or anyone else out there with their mortgage needs in Idaho. Rates today were at 4.75% on a 30 year fixed WITHOUT Points!! Awesome!
Anyway, the drawing will be next Monday! Good luck! Thanks for the posts! You're awesome!

Oscar / Vicki Williamson said...


I tried emailing you with the Email that you left on our Blog. Could you please drop me a line because the Email I had Bounced back ? I'll include my Email below, thanks !!

-Oscar T. Williamson II
Idaho Legacy Lending, Inc.