Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tue Pose a Question

I've been really diggin' my pet peeves lately. Or should I say, they've been diggin' me? I've been really irritated with a lot of little simple things. And so, as I often do, I wondered....

What are your pet peeves, my lovelies? Since I am so utterly and completely narcissistic on my blog I think I'll expound on a few of mine.

When one has to travel some distance out of town... let's say it's to a place that is south of where they live, and they're talking about it with me or someone else, it bothers me way more than it should when they say, "We're going UP to such and such place". Why does that bother me? Because in my brain, if you are going up to a city, it should be a city that is NORTH of where you currently are. Or conversely, if someone says, "I'm headed down to Canada." they better be living at the North Pole.

Say it with me... Up = North. Down = South. If I was going to Salt Lake and I lived anywhere in Idaho I would say, "I'm going to head DOWN to Salt Lake City." That's the official way things are done in Clancy's world.

Carrying groceries in from the car. I don't like it. On the rarest of occasions Dustin is around to help me carry them in, but mostly not so. My kids are getting bigger now and are much more able to carry than they used to be... especially Mac. Pretty soon I'm just going to say, "Kids, you want to eat any of this food we just bought? OK, you have to carry it all in the house." That will be a beautiful day and we'll have cupboards that are stocked better than they are currently.

#3 The never ending war waged on mated socks by the washer and dryer. Where oh where does that ONE little sock go? Why must the dryer or washer eat it? And what do I do with that one irritating sock? Save it? Toss it? It is so disturbing.

#4 I have a talking caller ID phone. This is not the pet peeve. The pet peeve occurs when one who is used to a phone that talks is in her basement and the phone rings on the non-talking phone. It is annoying. I can almost hear it from upstairs. Almost.

#5 January. I am looking forward to February 1st.

Well, I'm just a bundle of light and joy this week, aren't I? Sorry about that. I'm just ready for some sunshine and the lack of visible breath when I'm out in it. I'll be nicer tomorrow. Promise.


Mic and Jazzy said...

I hate it when we are pulling up to a stop light and the person in front of me stops 20 feet short. I want to go push their car up to the line.

I hate socks with sandals.

I know I have more but those are my top two.

We would LOVE to see you this weekend- but I know it is a long way to come! Please don't feel obligated to make it. That being said, we would love to see you.

Ashley said...

I can relate! January is one of my pet peeves too, and so is carrying groceries in from the car. Hate that! I also hate trash of any kind on kitchen counters, milk left out on the counter, really slow drivers, and wearing shoes. :)

Maria Hart said...

I am completely with you on the directional problems of some conversations. Drive Down to SLC, for crying out loud! You can't drive up to a southern location from a northern one, unless you are looping the poles! Ditto on the socks. Do you remember "The Tracy Ulman Show"? She did a spoof a long time ago about the Mysterious Sock Land that lives behind our dryers, you get there by crawling through the vent. When you enter this magical land, you find all of the socks the dryer has eaten over the years. Other pet peeves: the accent that causes many in Idaho and Utah to speak incorrectly - I've posted on that before; empty toilet paper rolls (I think I need to post a tutorial for my kids and husband!); whining from my kids that starts at 6:30 a.m. (you know you are going to have a long day ahead); cleaning my oven (it seriously needs to be done and I have zero motivation!); folding laundry (I can get it clean, but I can't seem to get it folded so the kids can put it away!). Thanks for this post, we all need to vent and gripe sometimes!

Beth said...

I'm for the most part with you on the direction thingy but I have found for myself it depends on more than north/south but also geography. In SLC up is definitely north. In Payson, or at least on my mom's road, north is down because south leads up the canyon.

My kids like to pick their noses, most often in Sacrament meeting, and THEN ask if I happen to have a kleenex. Why on earth can they not ask first before the gooey slimy thing comes out and rests on the tip of their finger like a welcome guest? They are NOT welcome!

Also, when people say "I come down the road..." when it should be "came". I have a little more latitude when it comes from a 60+ years mouth but 30 or 40? C'mon.

Holly said...

I agree with you about the direction thing. For the socks I've started keeping a little ziplock back in each sock drawer full of single socks. Next time I do laudry I can usually pair most of them up, and if not I add them to the bag. It seems to work...usually.

Smokers are my #1 pet peeve. Idiocy seems to go along with it, and that's why. They are so inconsiderate to others, ALWAYS smoke where they shouldn't (even when there are signs), and all seem to use foul language. Ugh! My other pet peeve is parents "watching" their children, but really not watching them at all. You know, the kid is screaming or breaking things or distracting everyone around them and the parents think it's cute or they don't seem to notice at all? Yea, they bug me.

Kristin said...

LOL! I'm enjoying this... your post and all the comments. Unfortunately, I'm probably one of those people who misuse "up" and "down" directionally. In my world up is East and North and South just feel flat (regardless of what they actually are). In fact, I have a hard time visualizing on maps because they have north up... I have to turn them to have east up, then I feel like I can get around. It's sad!

My pet peeve is listening to people eat. Why can't they eat quietly? I don't get it. I especially hate it when my husband come and leans over my shoulder to see what I'm doing and his munching on something. Do you think I want to hear that? I also don't want to see your food, so don't talk with your mouth full. Having said all that... I've mostly gotten over this pet peeve... my husband is about the only one who gets on my nerves. I'm not sure why; it's not like his chomping or anything.

I hate taking groceries in and it frustrates me when Brett is home and doesn't offer to help... I'm climbing stairs and half the time I've been pregnant. Now, I'm also carrying two kids in... hello!?!

:) This has been fun! Way to go on helping us all have a little rant. Oh! And sorry if I say up or down the wrong way... speaking of which, are you considering coming "down" this way soon?

Ginny said...

lol...this is a good one. I have an embarrassingly long list of peeves but i'll just pick one relavent in my life currently. it drives me crazy when people pussy-foot around something...i'm a big girl. whatever it is I can take it. don't make excuses and stop dragging it out. let's just get to the root of it already. maybe that is some of the reason I like you so much!!! :-)

Rachel Chick said...

Totally hear ya, dudette! :) Especially on the DOWN and UP one. It bugs me to no end. Nels does it all the time! Drives me nuts. And I HATE bringing in groceries. Even more than that, I hate putting them away. I tell you what, if I could pay those baggers to come to my house, bring in the groceries, and put them away -- all while I sat at the kitchen table eating lunch (which he would then clean up after) and direct him where to put each and every item, I would totally do it! :)

Polly said...

Well, I stopped by when this first posted, but I had to remember all my pet peeves before I could comment. Of course I have many...remember my "trash talk Tuesday"? The problem is that by the time Tuesday comes, I forget what peeved me.
So, here are some that I remember.
1. I'll agree with your groceries one, but not just bringing them in. I hate that I have to put them all in the cart, then put them all on the conveyer belt, then put them in bags (sometimes, if there is a bagger, great, but some of those cashiers are another pet peeve...they bag horribly.) then back in the cart, then in the car, then in the house. I would totally shop at a store where you just scan the things and bag them as you put them into your cart. That would take away so many of those steps.
Next, when my husband has a day off work (he's on shift work now) and volunteers to take the kids to school. This might sound good, but I still have to get up to help them get ready, then, later in the day, when I want to go somewhere, I have my hands loaded with the "baby" and diaper bag and drinks, etc...I go to open the door and buckle the child...it's locked. Because, after he drops off the kids, he just gets out of his door, the others stay locked. When I get out, I automatically unlock them all, so that I don't have the inconvenience the next time.
Next...smokers in front of a doorway of a store or restaurant when there is a sign a few feet away that clearly states "no smoking within 25 feet of entrance"
Next, open cupboard, closets, doors, toilet lids, etc. If you open it, close it!
I'm sure I have more...
Thanks for making sounds uber judgemental... :)