Monday, January 5, 2009

Manic Monday: Sale

The word sale brings many random thoughts...

Random thought#1
I do love a good sale. I don't go shopping much, but it seems that whenever Old Navy has their clearance items at an additional 50% off the clearance price, I just happen to walk through their too-loud-and-obnoxious-music doors. I can't tell you how many good deals I've gotten during those sales. $3 shorts, $4 pants, $2 shirts... I always stock up for my kids for the next season (summer clothes on sale in fall or winter...etc.). I love spending $40 and getting ten or fifteen items of clothing!

Random thought #2
I'm looking forward to the purchase I just made at Mag's Etsy shop. She's got her goods for sale and I bought myself a very merry un-birthday present!!!

Random thought #3
I hate it when adorable foreign college students come knocking at my door in the summertime and give me their sales-pitch and try to get me to buy really "awesome" educational books for my kids... just $40 for one book or $400 for the whole sh'bang!!! Ugh. I hate saying no, but I sure do... every time. The last girl was from Estonia and I thought she was adorable. She was pretty and I thought I should hook her up with my little brother. She sold herself a whole lot better than she sold the books!

End of random sale thoughts. Whatever other random thoughts I had are now gone. That's all I've got for today and I keep not posting thinking something insightful or witty will come to me, but I'm letting that go. This is my post for this day.

The end.


Kaci said...

I love a good sale and yes I feel ya about the sales pitch...makes you feel so bad.

Nickster said...

I used to feel bad saying no, but so many people come soliciting at my door, that I stopped answering it. I just look out the peephole and if they have a clipboard, I turn around.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I always say no, too. I love books and all...but it is just too much! I'll buy a candy bar though!

Emilee said...

Is there a sale at Old Navy? Let me know....ttl

bv said...

I haven't experienced the foreign people selling educational books but I have had far too many middle school pitching magazines and newspapers for college money. Last time i didn't say no I paid for 2 magazines that never came. Now I just always tell them we are moving as if somehow the lie will make me feel less guilty? Weird and so lame. xoxo!

Kristin said...

I think this was a fabulous post on sale... I didn't even come up with one. However, I too LOVE the sales at Old Navy. I haven't gotten to stocking up for my kids yet, but I'm sure I will as they get older.

I also hate it when those foreign students come. We had one once that was WAY annoying. He just wouldn't leave (we were working outside some). Brett finally had to get rude... it was sad.