Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

Oh man. Life is fabulous and I love that I get to really look at what is great in my life every Friday. Some days I have to look harder than other days, but there's so much to find!!!

1- Dustin has been home all week!! (working everyday, but coming HOME at 5:00 just like the good old days!) It's amazing. My dinner making ambitions have shot through the roof this week. I feel like a domestic goddess again! (or something)

2- Remember how I won an iPod? Well, it actually arrived yesterday and let me tell you how much fun I'm having with my new toy! I got so much done today simply because I got to walk around jamming to music as I did everything! If I had the ambition to and the toothpicks to hold my eyes open, I could listen to music for 27 hours straight and not hear the same song twice... and we're just getting started, baby!!!

3- My incredible friend is getting baptized tonight! I'm so happy for him and for his wife and his sister. Congrats, Jazzy. You 'da MAN!!!

4- My two bedrooms that we're remodling have shelves in the closets and the doors will be hung tomorrow. I found a really good deal on carpet, pad AND installation. AWESOME.

5- Chiropractors rule. Especially my chiropractor. He hurts me, but I love him and I can hardly wait to go get hurt again on Monday.


Emilee said...

You totally rock and I am laughing and laughing after today. Thanks. I needed that. I don't know what we are going to do if Mel moves. Just take a long road trip I guess. I am just so stinking thankful for friends that love me even though they know me! Ha.... You are the funnest and we would all be snoring without you. Happy weekend and we will talk to you soon. Let's make those watches!

Travis said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic week! Good for you!

Kaci said...

I love my iPod too! Who knew that such a small lil thing would bring so much joy and sweat ... LOL!

triplej said...

Did you know it has been 4 days since you blogged!!!!!!!!

bv said...

I love that Jennie busted you and I love reading your Friday posts! Glad Dust has been around and I can totally seeing you bust a move...congrats on the iPod! We missed you Friday and I do have a special piece of Jazzy's baptism book to share with you so you can add your amazing words!

So I'm waiting for final confirmation but I'm thinkng that Dallas is really calling your name AND with any luck at all we may be able to snipe Jennie....