Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

This is the First Fabulous Friday of 2009 and it's off to a less than fabulous start! I had a horrible dream this morning wherein I was crying and crying and Dustin woke me up telling me 'It's ok!' because I was whimpering and crying while saying, "My heart! My heart hurts, my heart..." More on that later, perhaps. Ella woke us up at about 5am saying that she threw up on the floor. Mac has a fever and an incredibly sore throat and won't even eat, and Rohan has a mild fever!!! It's a party at Clancy's house! Anyone want to come over?

Despite all that, there is so much fabulousness I can hardly stand it...

1- Dustin is home for the eleventh day in a row, and we still have the weekend! :) YAY! I love it! Monday will be brutal for me... school for my kids and Dustin at work again, but that's ok! I LOVE having my husband around. Especially after his long working out of town months!
2- We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's. I love being with family more than I love anything on this green (or white) earth.
3- We have plugs, lights, sheetrock and the first two coats of mud on my kid's room. It's so sad to me that they haven't had beds for as long as they have, but soon, their rooms will be done and they will sleep in a sqishy bed once more!
4- My wonderful Grandma Carol gave me and all of her grandchildren a gift a few days ago. Bless her. I have been missing her an extra-lot, and she reached out and said hello. It's absolutely amazing how someone can bless your life long after they leave this earth.
5- Ella is the nicest little sick person a mom could ever hope for. (not that a mom hopes for sick kids, but when they come, life's a little easier if they aren't whining all the time!) She's so sweet. She hardly complains and is happy to just lay on the couch, be sick, and watch a movie. Love that kid.


Elena said...

Oh...ughhhh...Happy New Year to you. Throw up and sore throats are brutal. I hope you don't have strep. By the way, I love watching your family sing Christmas Carols. I felt like you were singing just to me. :) Hope your house gets feeling better soon. There's nothing more fun than cleaning up throw up. Best wishes!

Polly said...

I'm so sorry. I guess these are the times that it's great to remember those fabulous five.

Get well wishes to your fam-

Ginny said...

oh...lovely...i have company! justin is being such a trooper currently having thrown up six times in the last two hours...tyson rung in the new year to start us off! so sorry you are celebrating in like fashion.

more on the dream please...and I hope you all get better soon!!!

Kristin said...

Wow! I just posted for you... apparently, though, Ginny gets it a little more.

I, too, hope you all get better soon... Ginny's fam too!

Kristin said...

LOL... we stayed home today too. Church would just be getting out for us. I just figure I wouldn't want someone bringing what I have to church, so I'll show them that same courtesy.