Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five and Stuff

Rohan has been saying some funny things lately. Had to get them down. Indulge me this moment of Mommy Blogging:

A little preface... I have an extreme aversion to most scents on my hands. I can't stand to have my hands smell like food in any form... except maybe lemons, limes and cilantro. That's about it. There are certain soaps that I can not use because I can't stand the way they smell on my hands. Wendy's restaurant has one such soap. I digress. The point is, I think that I passed this quirk on to my son.

Rohan had gone with his best pal, Keller, to McDonald's to play and have a happy meal. They had a grand time involving non-stop running. Upon his return home, he came to me extremely upset because his hands "smehwd yucky". I think it was whatever disinfectant they use on the McDonald's playland that he was smelling. It was a rather weird aroma. We proceeded to wash his hands really well. He ran off happily.

In a few minutes, he came back crying that they still "smehwd yucky". I wasn't sure what to do. I could tell that this was the kind of scent that would just have to come off with time. But, to help him feel better, I said, "How 'bout we put on some lotion to help the smell?" He agreed, excitedly and we then rubbed his hands down with lotion, and he sniffed them, smiled at me and turned to run back to his movie-watching with Keller. As I was putting away the lotion I heard the exurberant voice of my darling child (who is SO easy to love) say, "Kewwa, smehw my hands! Day smehw wike oshen!" (cute because it sounded just like "ocean")

One more... a conversation between Rohan and I the other day:

R- Hey Mom? Have you eatda whoppa?

M- Yes.

R- Did it burn yo hand?

M- *laughs* No....

R- Was it evil?

M- *laughs again, harder* No...... do you mean a whopper, like the little chocolate balls?

R- Yeah....


1- I love my children and the funny things they say.

2- I painted yesterday from about noon until about 9:30pm over at our duplex. It feels good to get that little job closer to completion, (no, it's not done yet!) and to get the walls whipped into shaped.

3- I'm going to go see Twilight again tonight. I'm hoping I'll like it better the second time I see it. I've heard that from some people, that it's better the second time. Either way, I get to hang out with some awesome ladies, so that will be super fun!

4- Rohan and I went to the fire station today and had a tour. I thought it was fasinating! I think we need to go for a tour for a date. I loved asking lots of questions. Did you know that the industry standard fire truck holds 1000 gallons of water? And they pull the water from the hydrant and into the truck which pumps it into the hose and sprays it? I didn't that before, but now I do. Thanks for arranging the tour, Maria! I wanna slide down the pole now.

5- Dustin was home all week again. (working, but coming home each night!) It's a beautiful thing! Life is FABULOUS!!!!


Kristin said...

I LOVE this!!! I love hearing about Rohan's cuteness and I love this weeks fab five. I know it might sound stupid, but each week when I see that Dustin is home as #1 I just figure it's the same old fab five. I liked that it was #5... made it funner to read them all, plus then it's like the clincher to what makes life so fabulous! :)

Love you!

beth said...

Thanks, always, for sharing your fab five! Here are mine:
1-My house is a mess because we ripped apart a bathroom to redo!
3-A husband with the sexiest forearms ever!
4-Prayers answered, in the way that's best.
5-The sigh of relief that comes when there is only one mortgage to worry about!!!!SOLD!!!!

Polly said...

kids are definitely cute!

I need to ask a question of clarity for my own inquiring mind...
did the lotion smell like ocean, or is 'ocean' the way that he said 'lotion' or did he think you said 'let's put some ocean on' and was repeating that?

Clancy In Idaho said...

It was him saying the word lotion in a cute little boy way... I said lotion, he came up with ocean. Might just have to change that!

elena said...

I love the cute things kids say. And way to go on your painting. You are a master!

bv said...

I love the Mommy blogging and am happy to indulge you any time! Glad you are making some progress on the duplex and how sweet that you get your Dusty all week!

So I'm not going to Dallas in Feb but I am going to Philly in March. My dates have been determined 3/7 - 3/15. You are welcome to join me at any point as I would love to have you!

Heather of the EO said...

Thank you for coming by and commenting on my post for Tuesday. I appreciate it more than I can say.


Dan and Jen said...

Thanks for letting us all play along with the fab five. It's fun. Dan's grandpa is pretty frail and we don;t think he will be around much longer. He is the cutest little grandpa ever! But the amazing thing is that all of the family members had already independently planned to be in town this week. Good timing.