Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Freebie

Here's some lovely pictures of Christ... the first one is my favorite. I love to see pictures of Jesus when he's smiling because that's how I like to think of him. Joyous! Check it out...

David Bowman: has had a passion for art ever since he could pick up a pencil. He loves creating images of the Savior that inspire and uplift. Along with his Christian fine art, David has also written and illustrated a series of scripture storybooks for children titled "Who's Your Hero". Check out his website at to see more of his precious art.
The Savior tells us we need to become as little children to inherit the kingdom of God. I've often wondered what it is about little children Jesus loves most, and I think its their innocence. They are clean slates, seeing the world and others through untarnished eyes. Their hearts are pure, without the baggage of cynicism and self-doubt. In this piece, I've tried to imagine how a child would act upon meeting the Master for the first time. Without reservation or inhibition, I think he would simply want to play with Him. He would be at complete ease, allowing his pure little heart to soak in the love and laughter of His pure, infinite heart. Its no wonder Christ delights in these little ones and sets them up to be our examples.
One of the greatest human needs is a sense of security. In all aspects of life, we naturally gravitate towards anything that makes us feel safe. In this piece, I wanted to convey a sense of complete peace and calm like only the Savior can provide. It's a security that allows us to rest assured, without fear or worry, when we put ourselves trustingly in His arms. Little children have that inherent kind of trust in their parents, so it's fitting that the man and girl who modeled for "Security" are actually father and daughter. They generated
the exact feel I was looking for.
"My Child"
This piece conveys an intimate, up-close-and-personal feeling of the Savior's love. Notice how all the lines draw your attention and point towards Jesus' face in the center. I chose the name "My Child" because the only thing that could compare (even remotely) to Christ's compassion for us is the love of a parent for his/her child. This image is also intended to put things in perspective. Above all, we are God's children first. He allows us the privilege of experiencing parenthood for ourselves and we are entrusted to be the mothers and fathers of His children here on earth.


Denning Domain said...

oh my goodness Clance, those pics are so beautful... Thanks for sharing them. I will try and do all the copying and pasting you said to do, I definetly would love to have and copies of any of those pics. Hope you had a great Christmas. I sure enjoyed the goodies you brought by! I love ya dude...

Polly said...

I actually posted this on Friday...but I forgot it was on the blog that no one has. LOL I just created another so that if I want to do meme things, I'm not directing all the cyber people back to my personal blog with family pics, info...etc. So...sorry I didn't get the heads up to you. :)
My other blog is In My Opinion

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The Wolfs said...

these are amazing! Way to go- you are amazing as well wow look at you i love reading your blog! You are the funniest lady ever and always manage to put a smile on my face! Take care
happy new year

Ginny said...

ooooh...thanks for sharing!