Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hi, My Name Is Clancy

Ya. Remember me? I'm Clancy, the writer of this blog. I've been a little inattentive with this, here, blog for the last week, but I'M BAAAACK!!! It's been a nutty-bar kind of week for me.

Monday I did NOT feel well. I just stayed home and stayed quiet. I think I was crashing after my "big choir day" the day before. I wrapped presents for about 10 hours. (part of that was organizing the presents and making sure all was "even" and I was up and down between wrapping and making PBJ's and breaking up fights. We didn't really have 10 hours worth of presents to wrap!) I did manage to stay in my pajamas all day and it was delicious.

Tuesday I watched my friend Rachel's kiddos for a bit and I went shopping for the finishing touches of our Christmas. I also did other things that I can't really remember, but I felt crazy.

Wednesday I made treats for neighbors and friends and delivered them, cleaned my house and made soup for dinner (I was done with our dinner soup by about 10:30 am. That's a noteworthy accomplishment for me. I don't usually even think about dinner until about 5:30 or 6:00... or 7:00 depending on the night). We went to my mom's at 5:00, ate dinner and went Christmas caroling to two old people who were alone for Christmas Eve. My little old friend cried and cried and hugged me for 5 minuets straight while I sang Silent Night and Joy to the world in her ear with my family singing harmony behind me. I was VERY glad we went to her and sang. Her joy was my favorite of the Christmas presents I recieved this year. My heart still warms at the memory.

During all these days I was trying to finish up a few last minute pretzel/apple orders and I was trying to sew stockings. For some crazy reason on Friday I decided to make all of us stockings. Rohan didn't have one, Mac and Ella's were falling apart (I had gotten them at the dollar store when they were little) and mine from my childhood didn't match. So I went shopping and picked fabric and of course couldn't just do the pattern as written... I had to make it hard and change parts of it that I didn't like. So I had to re-invent some things. But I like how they turned out. I need to put names on them or initials or something, but I let myself off the hook on that one cuz I was sewing until 1 am Christmas Eve. Here's a little pic of the finished products. What you can't see is on the other side I wrote all of our names on a little scrap of paper and pinned them on. It looks dorky, but then Santa knew who's was whose.
They were fun to make, and I was proud that I got them done and was in bed by 1:30am. Last year I think I stayed up until 3am and I wasn't even sewing! :)

So, let's just pretend that I wrote the following part of this post on Wednesday or Thursday when I had planned to:

Merry Christmas to all you lovelies! I hope you have a wonderful day full of the joy of family and the warmth of the Savior's love. Here is a little Christmas message from my family to yours. Please don't judge us as we didn't really practice, we just wanted to sing you a Christmas carol or two.


Travis said...

Sounds very hectic. I hope you had fun too.

Mags said...

A-MA-ZING! Such beautiful singing! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

Polly said...

I made stockings a few years ago and made them much more complicated than they should have been as well...but they're beautiful; and I didn't do it on Christmas Eve. LOL
I wish I was there singing with you all! Maybe next year.
Your stockings look great!
Caroling to someone who truly needs and appreciates it is the best. From your description, I felt like I was watching it all on a movie and I felt what you felt and what she felt and what I felt watching it ... all at the same time. What a beautiful perfect gift!

Ashley said...

Merry Christmas! :) You weren't really gone that long, so don't worry about it. Christmas is such a busy time! :)

Leah said...

Those stockings look great Clancy! And you're not the one only being inattentive to their blog, or their bloggy friends... my hubby is using vacation days at the moment, so he's been AROUND and I haven't felt I've had the chance to really sit at my computer and take care of business... LOL

Kaci said...

Stockings are adorable!!! =>