Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

Dude.... I know it's a little late. But I still have a half hour of Fridayness left!

1- Dustin's home and he took the kids to the park in their snowclothes. What a good dad my kids have. Rohan launched off of the slide that was covered in snow. He thought it was awesome.
2- We had a really good time at Dustin's company party that he DID NOT want to go to at all. I wanted a free meal and a night out with just D and I so I forced him and we had fun... plus we got two gift cards (I don't know how much they are though but, hey... free gift cards- BONUS!, even if it is the evil Wal-Mart!)
3- I'm all done with all the pretzel orders I have!!! (unless of course I get another one...)
4- I hated my haircut, but now I like it.
5- In two days I will be done with our choir Christmas program and I can stop with the tickle of worry in the back of my brain. (and my little brother is singing in our program and I can't wait to hear him cuz he's awesome!!!)

Love you all! Hope all is merry and bright and FABULOUS in your world today... and if it's not, make it so. Life is 99% attitude, after all!!!


Ashley said...

Have a wonderful weekend! And good luck with the choir program, I'm sure everything will sound amazing!

Kristin said...

I want to see the new haircut! Good luck with the Christmas program... wish I was there to enjoy it. And I should look into your pretzels (except I know you don't LOVE doing it)... they're my favorite!

The Beckstroms said...

Which brother is singing in the choir program? Taylor? Whoever it is, that is so great! I didn't know the boys could sing. Have a great program!

Clancy In Idaho said...

Ya, it's Taylor. He's amazing. He is the best singer of us all, me thinks. He did SUCH an amazing job today. (jaw-dropping kind of job)