Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

Wow. Friday already? It's been a busy week. Here's a rundown for the record. (my record)
Monday: Donated plasma, folded laundry and made a tiny dent in my enormous pile, packed stuff, drove (2 hours) to Dustin's family's house (just me and the kids and they were angels), practiced a song for his grandma's funeral the next day.
Tuesday: Woke up... showered, etc., ironed almost every piece of clothing I packed, got dressed, went and practiced song in the chapel, went to car and finished putting on makeup, went to funeral, sang at funeral, wished I knew Dustin's grandma in her youth, went to graveside, cried, froze our tails off, went to luncheon, at a huge pile of ham in the hope of boosting my blood protein count, went to MIL's, chilled with family, packed up, drove home (just me and kids again and they were even more angelic), did homework with kids, went to bed.
Wednesday: Kids to school, attempted to donate plasma, failed to donate plasma due to low FREAKIN' protein... AGAIN, made Caramel Pecan Bars, picked up kids, battled with Mac about doing homework, pulled my hair out, ate dinner at my mom's house, watched Mac and Ella be absolutely adorable on stage at their school not-so-Christmasy-Christmas program, had ice cream cones at home with my mom and dad (who came to the program too), talked about the closet framing and the elecrical in a room in my basement with my mom and dad.
Thursday: Woke up to the phone ringing, answered it, talked to a doctor in Texas who orders from me (pretzels, etc) every year at Christmas, figured out that I didn't get his email that he sent the week before requesting an order, figured out that he wants it in hand by Tuesday in TEXAS!, freaked out, dropped Rohan off at his best buddies' (thanks again, Maria!), went to store, came home, roasted almonds, chopped pecans and almonds, dipped up a storm, mom helped, listened to Christmas music, picked up kids from school, packaged stuff, ran to Parcel Express to pack up boxes, got VERY annoyed with Parcel Express employee, left P.E. (more on this later!) and went to UPS Customer counter instead, loved their customer service AND their prices, shipped order to Texas, went out and ate with kiddles (no way I'm cooking after a day like that!), went home, did spelling words happily with Mac and Ella, fell asleep with kids, woke up, read blogs, went to bed.
Friday: Woke up, kids to school, payed bills, blogged about week rundown and......


1- Do I even need to write this one? My sweet Dustin is coming home today and I miss him ever so much.
2- My mom is awesome.
3- My angelic kids on the drive to and from D's parents house.
4- Portable DVD players that help my kids be angelic while I'm driving by myself on possibly-icy roads.
5- UPS Customer counter, UPS Blue (2 Day Air) and a doctor who doesn't mind paying for it!


Kaci said...

I love your Friday post! Happy weekend!

Kristin said...

All I can say is, "WOW!"

Maria Hart said...

So... I love your photos of your sewing projects, I envy that skill. I am seriously disturbed, however, to read that you made caramel pecan bars this week and didn't at least alert me to that fact so I could come buy some... they are a wonderfully sinful addiction of mine!!

Ginny said...

wow...that makes me tired just reading about it (and makes me smile)! I'm so glad the texas pretzel thing worked out and hope that you charge enough to make it worth it!!! :-)

The Beckstroms said...

That is great that you are doing a business! Are you doing pretzels, apples, all of it? Way to go! Sounds like a crazy week, but I love reading about it all.

Travis said...

Now that's a full week!

Mic and Jazzy said...

Busy busy busy week! I will be so sad when Christmas has come and gone and then everything will be all over. Also, what is this chocolate dipping you speak of? It sounds delicious!

triplej said...

Dustin said you had a busy week. We got to see him on Wednesday. Sounds like you had a whirlwind week like us. It is always worse when you have a funeral mid-week.