Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

Fabulous things abound! Let's shout 'em out!

1- It's Friday! I love Fridays. And my standard #1 answer about Dustin coming home today doesn't apply. Instead, I'm going to him. I get to see him either way so I win!
2- I successfully got up at 6:15am (after going to bed at 2:00 last night and 3:30 the night before) to get my children ready to leave by 7:15am. They have "Donuts with Dad" today. Obviously, their own dad couldn't attend, so we asked Grandpa to fill in. AND, as an extra added bonus, my dad came and picked them up so I didn't even have to leave the house, wake up Rohan, etc...
3- This song is FABULOUS!!!! (Apparently she doesn't have an official video for it so just listen to it... and really LISTEN to those lyrics! They are so great! And... a quirk about me... I love what she does with her voice at 4:12... leading up to it she's all quiet and then right at 4:12 listen to how she changes her emotion in her voice. I love it. I've listened to that one part over and over.)
4- I have a large pile of junk that I'm getting rid of and it's getting larger! I've been in a mood and I'm going around my house taking pictures off the wall, clothes out of my closet, knick-knacks off of shelves that just don't serve me anymore. I don't want something that doesn't make me feel great in my house. So, it's going bye bye!
5-Lucky is healthy! He was sick last week and I was worried about him. I think I poisoned him by letting him eat a plum pit without realizing that they are poisonous. He wouldn't eat for days and I thought he was going to die. But... he pulled through and is extra scratchy. My hands, neck and collarbone area are a mess of scratches. But he's so funny. Love that squirrel.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Brecca said...

Yea Friday- It's such an awesome day even though its drizzling outside. Here are my five:
1)being heathly (I've been sick for a while now and just getting back in the swing of things)
2)I don't have any pets. I love not having to take care of creatures.
3)music, good music, just puts you in an awesome mood and keeps you going all day long.
4)Bacon Sloppy Joes from Rachael Ray. I made them this week and my family loves them!
5)my favorite blogger Clancy who always has a positive outlook on life and loves everyone.
Hope your Friday (and weekend) is great!

Leah said...

I love the background music of that song!! She has such a pretty voice, but that song is a little repetitive for me (love the theme, love her voice, love the background music, don't get me wrong!)

glad to hear hear Lucky pulled through. WHEW!

donuts with grandpa sounded like fun!

yay for visits with hubby!

Polly said...

Yay for visits with husband! And get to get away!

Hooray for getting rid of stuff! That "free" feeling is something you just can't replace!!

a) The message of the song is great. It's just a long trip getting to the place where you know what you can and can't change; and then how to do it. It makes it sound so simple; in theory it is...if we can just convince ourselves of that!

b) The picture of her sitting on the rusty car makes me feel like fingernails on a chalkboard (which surprisingly doesn't make me feel that way)

c) she looks a lot different than the new-on-the-scene teen I remember.

Happy Friday!!

Fiagle Family said...

HOw on earth do you have a pet squirrel? That is hilarious. I was just seeing what you been up to. I saw the halloween pics of your kids and they are huge! I remember when you stayed at our house and mac was maybe 2. too cute :)

Ashley said...

Fridays are great, you are so right! And so are Saturdays! Gotta love them!!!

Rachel Chick said...

That was a great song! Thanks for the recommendation! :)