Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

Friday again. Very early Friday, in my case. Tonight I'm doing things a little backwards. I usually get my kids to bed and then get up and go do things without children. Laundry, clean up, blog, whatever, and I usually stay up til about now (2:00) doing so. (OK, in all honesty, I usually skip the first two and make a bee line for the blog!)

Tonight I am, apparently, shaking things up! I lay down with my kids to get them to sleep (well, Rohan anyway) and tonight I fell asleep too. That was at 8:30-9:00 ish. I woke up just before midnight and was going to brush my teeth and I considered going downstairs and writing. But first I went in my room. I was a little loopy from just waking up and I thought to myself, "I'm just going to lie down and figure out what I want to to... stay up, or go to bed." Riiiiiiight.

I woke up again at about 1:30. I was surprised that I had fallen asleep. (seriously, do you think I need more sleep?! HA!!) I got up to go brush my teeth, cuz I was going to just go to bed and as I stood up, I didn't realize that my knees had fallen asleep too. "Knees?" you ask? Yes, knees. For reasons unknown, my knees on the inside of my leg, not the skin, will fall asleep randomly. I think there's only one nerve ending inside your knee muscles or something cuz I never can feel that it's asleep until I try to stand up on said knee(s).

When this strange phenomenon occurs, I have learned that, if you are standing, your bone structure can support your weight... if your leg is completely straight. If your leg is not straight it requires some combination of muscle support including whatever weird muscle somewhere in the knee region that just so happens to, on occasion, fall asleep on me. But, seriously, who gets out of bed with already straight legs? Not me.

So, I rolled off my bed and, with all my weight on my right leg, went to stand up. In case you're wondering, this is a very natural process requiring no conscious brain power whatsoever. (And my brain, having just woke up for the second time tonight was extra lethargic.) As I went to stand up, my "knee-area muscle" didn't get the message, because it, too, had fallen asleep and I went crashing to the ground instead of standing erect and walking away.

This whole chronicle of my knee's asleepness is crawling toward this thrilling conclusion: I broke my pinkie toe. Of this I am quite sure.

Apparently when your full body's weight is rolling to the floor you should try to roll your toe along with it. You know, like tucking your head when you're doing a somersault? My pinkie toe was trying to grip the floor and keep this body upright all by it wee-wee-wee-all-the-way-home little self. It remained behind to go the opposite way from the rest of my body. I am pretty sure I felt some sort of "crunch".


The end.

1- Dustin, Dusty, Mr. The Wind, my sweety is coming HOME today! (and Mr. The Wind is not a crass term... it was what my little sis, Lacy, used to always call him... the formal of Dustin The Wind!)
2- I am still on my purge binge. It's like bulimia of the house. My pile of "exit Clancy's house" crap is getting large, but not in charge!
3- Rohan is snuggled up in my arms right now and he is so sweet I could just eat 'im! He just woke up and I'm almost done so I'm holding him close.
4- My toe has taken the pulsing throbbing down to a dull ache.
5- Did I mention that Dustin is coming home tonight! Oh yeah. I did. I can't really use that twice, can I? So... I hung a picture and an iron "thing" in my kitchen that I've had for months but never hung. I ditched things that were on the wall that I hated and replaced them with something that I love. It looks so charming and adorable I could sing!

Happy Fabulous Friday!


Merrianne said...

oh my gosh... your KNEES fell asleep!?!?! i think maybe that has happened to me.... but without the CRUNCH that you experienced in your toe! ouch! i hope you are ok!!!!!!

thank goodness it's Friday! :)

Polly said...

Ow ow and seriously OW! I'm so sorry for your toe.

I had a totally horrible dead leg thing last week when I fell asleep putting Aidan down for his nap. I was on my knees and leaning forward with my arm on his back (patting) So, I woke up with my arm numb and wishing I didn't have to move it because it hurt so badly! But, then when I tried to move my legs I thought they would never walk again. After stretching and rubbing and trying to be silent through the pain of blood flowing through my vains, I walked out to the kitchen and stood against the counter for another few minutes because they were on fire and I couldn't move.

I can't believe I fell asleep on my knees...I also can't believe I'm old enough that it mattered that much.


Mic and Jazzy said...

Um sorry about your toe! You think that silly pinkie toe would just fall in line and follow the rest of the toes but nooooo.

Coming down to our area anytime soon?

beth s. said...

Sorry about the hurt. I've done the same thing as Polly, a little weird to feel your kneecaps sleeping. As I read your description of said accident all I could picture was when we were in Beehives at Valerie's house and you thought it was so cool to do it on purpose! I can totally picture the crumpling. Probably not quite the same thing, I hope your toe gets better.

Here's my five:
1-I can shut my food storage closet.Meaning, I finally put the stuff away that was in front of it.
2-Neck squeezes, you know the kind only two year olds can give, no shoulders, all neck!
3-I love when the moon and sun are up at the same time. Both huge and bright.
4-today's friday. I get to see my fam all weekend.
5-dishwashers. Man, I'm glad I don't always have to do dishes by hand! I would just stop cooking so there was nothing to wash.

Kristin said...

Wow! So sorry! I totally understand the mush brain in the wee hours of the night.

You were still able to come up with fab five... you're pretty amazing!

Holly said...

Sorry about your toe. Broken toes can be such a pain. I've had a broken toe 3 times, and it's always the same toe! Don't ask me how, because it's one of the 3 middle toes on my right foot, not even on the edge. Oh well. Happy healing!

Leah said...

okay, the mental imagery of your toe going crunch has given me major heebie jeebies and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to recover. ack!

hope that toe feels better soon. owie!!

PS I've never even read Twilight yet, so wasn't dissing it. I just knew it was a popular book, so used it for comparison purposes. LOL

Rachel Chick said...

You know, I learned in my anatomy class that the pinkie toe is actually a vestigial structure - meaning that it is a useless part of our bodies, much like wisdom teeth. (I've since thought about this a lot and I'm not so sure, but if they say so . . . ) SO, technically, you could probably just break it the rest of the way off and still be just fine! :) There. The answer to all your problems, cut of your pinkie toe! :) LOL! Sorry about the toe, dudette. I'm not sure why the Lord put something that can be so excruciatingly painful right in a stop prime for hurting.

I'm glad for your Fab Five! Now I can actually remember to do it this week!

Kaci said...

OUCH!! And how dare Leah make fun of Twilight!

Emilee said...

I think we need more sleep lady. You are a blog a holic! Talk to you soon...We are going to the flick, right? Missin ya lady...Em

Travis said...


It's been many years since I was able to roll out of bed, stand up, and immediately begin walking. It usually takes me several minutes to make sure I've got my feet under me and everything is working right before I take a step.

Take care now.

Kristy said...

OUCH!! Your poor toe! And your knees falling asleep, so strange! I don't think I've ever had that happen. The way you told it I just had to laugh though! I hope it gets better quick!

Ashley said...

OUCH, that sounds painful! I hope your toe is feeling lots better soon!

Connie said...

Sorry to hear about your toe. I can sympathize all to well on that one. That yucky crunch feeling/sound is still quite fresh in my mind from the last time I broke my toe. Just thinking about it makes me squeench. Hope it's feeling better soon.