Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Native American people believed that we receive guidance and healing messages from the animals. Squirrels have been making a major appearance in my life and so I thought I'd look up and see what "medicine" squirrel was bringing to me. I found it interesting and fun and thought you might too. Have any animals (wild) been making frequent appearances in your life?

Squirrel Medicine : Gathering

Squirrel's Wisdom Includes:

*Ability to solve puzzles
*Quick change of direction
*Storing for the future
*Balance in gathering and getting rid of useless things/habits/people
*Preperation for change
*Avoiding danger by climbing to a higher place

When you observe the squirrel in nature they are always busy. They seem to have an endless supply of energy. Seldom do you see a squirrel inactive. Focused on the task at hand, agile and quick, they are constantly preparing for the future by gathering nuts and seeds for later use. Although they are always prepared for what may come they have a tendency to forget where they store things. The forgetfulness of squirrel serves as a reminder to those with this medicine to slow down, pay attention and to stop running frantically in several directions at once.

Squirrels are sociable and communicative. They can be quite vocal both in work and play. Sometimes their continual chatter disturbs the silence, which creates an air of distraction and chaos. If you find yourself disturbed by their constant chatter the squirrel is telling you to speak clearly and effectively or to go within and be still, depending on the circumstances around your situation. Their gathering nature teaches those with this totem how to reserve energy and store things for future use. Honoring the future and readying yourself for change.

Squirrel embodies the quality of trust and is one of the few animals that will eat out of a person's hand. This symbolizes a need to let down your defenses and learn to trust more. The issue of trust can play out in all areas of a person's life from personal intimacy to trusting Great Spirit. Because the squirrel is always prepared those with this medicine must remember that they will be taken care of. Establishing trust where it is presently absent would compliment the power of this medicine.

Squirrel represents balance within the circle of gathering and giving out. If squirrel has scampered into your life pay attention to the wisdom it has to offer you. Preparedness and survival skills can be learned from this powerful totem.


Rachel Chick said...

You squirrely little Clancy! :) Looks like this is fitting for this particular time period. Cool!

Leah said...

that's pretty neat!

My mom has a mama and baby deer that find their way into her backyard several times a day. She was pleased to see them back there, but then they discovered her potted plants in the FRONT yard and she's not quite as pleased any longer. LOL There are also rabbits in the spring that hang out in the back yard.


that is CUTE~!

squirrelly and cute!

Kristin said...

As I was reading about the medicine squirrels offer this stood out the most, "go within and be still". It made me think of the scripture in D&C 101:16, " still and know that I am God." I have needed this reminder so many times in my life. When I can't seem to figure out how to deal with something the reminder is useful, "be still and know that I am God." He'll make up the difference!

I doubt you needed to hear that, but it's a nice reminder for me anyway!

Maria Hart said...

Just wondering... I have a meandering fruit fly in my kitchen... is that a sign that I am way too ripe? Going bad? Super, duper sweet? That I just need to take my crap and not complain? I like the Native American perspective, by the way!

Kaci said...

Awhhh you are so cute! XOXO

Travis said...

That's pretty interesting. I don't know that much about Native American culture or history. My stepdad has a deep interest and love of the subject.

There are lots of ravens and squirrels around my property, but I haven't noticed anything in their behavior that suggests they are trying to tell me something.