Wednesday, October 8, 2008

From The Jar... #21

Better late than never? It's been a CRAZY day!

Describe your Sundays as a mother/father.

I hated Sundays when I was a kid. Actually all the way through college and into our early marriage years too. Everyone laying around after church sleeping and blah. I wanted to go jump on people and wake them up and say... let's PLAY something!

As a mother, it's a little different. I like them much better than when I was younger. The following describes our Sundays when we have 1:00 church, as we currently do. I usually get to sleep in for a while... even if I don't stay asleep, I get to lay there while Dustin takes care of the kids. I usually get out of bed when Dust says breakfast is ready. He usually makes breakfast... Hootnanny Pancakes is the usual, but lately he's been making regular pancakes cuz he made chokecherry syrup. We eat breakfast and lounge around for a while. I make a bunch of phone calls to remind people in our church about choir practice. (I am the choir director) Then I take a shower, shower the kids, if they need it, get everyone as ready as I possibly can before I have to leave at noon for choir practice. ("Hurry!" is a word often heard Sunday morning... even with 1:00 church.) Go to choir and then church, go home, change clothes and head over to my parents' house for dinner! Have an enjoyable time over at my mom and dad's and then head home and put kids to bed.

9:00 church is similar except choir practice comes after church and there is much more franticness before church. (I'm late... A LOT!) Then there is more lounging before we head over to Mom and Dad's. Dustin usually makes cookies or bread. Yes, he is the baker and I'm the chef in our household. Although, lately, I have taken a hiatus from chef duty... which leaves us to call upon our backup chefs, namely General Mills, Kellogs or Post (cereal), Campbell's (Spaghettios), Wendy's, or, in tonight's case, whoever the maker's of frozen burritos are.

There's a little play-by-play of our Sundays, but the overall feeling of them is relaxed, but not blah. Mellow but not drowsy. (although Dustin often takes naps, I don't mind so much... the kids are awake!) I feel generally peaceful on Sundays now instead of frustrated like I did as a kid.

Wasn't wild about this post. Sorry. Tried to think of some creative way to write it, but I'm not feelin' it tonight. Ah well... even creative juices suck air sometimes.


Kaci said...

Goodness these days Sundays are pretty boring. Jon goes for a run, comes back with donuts/coffee and a paper. We look through the ads, take showers and go shopping. :) XOXO

Genene said...

Sundays.......... still sorting them out! Ha! I'm not sure I'll ever know my true mind about them. I'm just trying to go with the flow these days though!


Leah said...

Sunday is our grocery shopping day, one of the bigger house-cleaning days, and we eat dinner with my IL's every Sunday night. So we're generally pretty busy throughout the day as well!


you're so funny! :)


i liked your post ♥

Sunday mornings are like insane in the membrane for us --- well... actually for ME! i have to help my kids get ready and {i swear} i have to help my husband get ready, too!

Lara said...

Hey Clancy! I just saw your comment on my blog. Yeah it's been crazy since that post. Sorry about not getting back to you when you left that message. I didn't get it until the next day. I have a bunch of suits here too. I love your short hair and how do you find time for everything! You are like wonderwoman!

Kristin said...

LOL... I thought your post was great! I wouldn't have noticed the style change if you hadn't mentioned the creative hiatus. I think I'll try to answer this one on my blog... but tomorrow maybe. I've gotta give my boy more time as #1 post!