Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From The Jar... #20

All are invited to play. If you wonder how and why go here.

Did you go on a church mission? If so where and when? What do you most remember?

Clearly, I got my journal jar from church. I thought so, but I wasn't sure until now. For any of you who might not know, I am LDS or "Mormon" and many young people in our church go on missions for two years around age 19 or 21. I didn't go on a mission anywhere or at any time and therefore, don't remember anything most. LOL!

Sometimes these questions don't quite apply to me and so I'll answer them with something from my husband's experiences, or some family member. However, my husband didn't serve a mission either and no one in my family ever has. That's kind of funny! I have some strange sense of pride that I married a guy that didn't serve a mission. It probably stems from an experience I observed with my little brother. One where he was discriminated against because he hadn't gone on a mission. How sad! It just goes to show that there is discrimination everywhere because, let's face it folks, we're all human beings. We are all messin' up all over the place and people are jerks sometimes, even if they think they are doing the right thing.

(and since I'm all about confessing lately... ok just in the last post, but that'll do... I have another confession. I once promised that I would just grab a question out of the jar and write and not choose another if I didn't feel like writing about that one, but I broke that promise tonight. I dug through like 10 of them. I chose this one cuz it was easy. Sorry for breaking my promise.)



no...i didn't go on a mission.

But i am SURE glad my hubby did....

he was from AZ and served a mission in TN where i am from!

bv said...

you're the cutest! you're confessional cracked me up!

my heart aches for taylor and whatever happened. it makes me sad that people can be so insensitive sometimes without realizing it.

love you!

bv said...

ps i did and chocolate, baby!!!

Kristin said...

Love your post... I love that you come up with something to write even though your answer is No. LOL... I did not serve a mission either. However, I meant to... sorta'! I took Missionary Prep and was planning for it. Then I got married instead. :)