Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- Dustin came home last night instead of tonight and so I got him an extra night and all day today!!! He made me pancakes this morning with chopped pecans in them!
2- We are going to get our little house rented this next week... AND we found out yesterday that another tenant is moving out and we already have a VERY good potential tenant! (everyone cross your fingers and whisper a little prayer that we will have better luck with these ones!)
3- Dustin came home and cleaned a lot in our house. (something I, apparently, have been incapable of this week.)
4- My children have a nice principal and secretary who take care of them when their parents miscommunicate and don't pick them up for 50 minutes. OY!!
5- My kids are playing outside with two friends in the 39 degree weather and they are having so much fun. It is my favorite sound in the whole world to listen to my kids playing nicely and using their imaginations. (it's even better than "fun ice"!)

What's fabulous in your world?


bv said...

I got to chat with your hubby after you took off to meet a potential tenant and that was pretty fabulous!!! xxox

Polly said...

When Alex started school in WA, they had early release day every Wednesday. Since they started on a Wednesday, I was there at the right time, but after a week of school, I was totally used to the regular time. I did not arrive for early release day and he was the only child left behind... :(
He was in the nurse's office reading a library book. Poor kid!

Kaci said...

XOXXO to you! Just having bloggy friend seems pretty fab right now.

Leah said...

sounds like an AWESOME day!!