Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

Life is fantastic, isn't it!!!

1- I love that I have a washer and a dryer.

2- I love that said washer and dryer were free... a gift from the universe to us!!

3- It is wonderful to be able to spend a week with fun and loving family in Lake Powell where I can catch up on some SLEEP.

4- I adore my husband.

5- It is fabulous that my adored husband cleaned up some yucky water that we found in a bin under our sink that had started getting moldy and molded and stinkified all the cleaners that were in the bin. Dustin graciously cleaned out the gag-factor while I finished washing the dishes. He is fabulous.

Join me in acknowledging the fabulous blessings in your life this lovely Friday!!


Brecca said...

It is a fabulous friday isn't it? Here are my fives:
1) My adorable husband has given up Mountain Dew. I think today is around the 2 month mark. Totally awesome.
2) My grumpy co-worker is home sick- I'm so mean but the day is going to be so much better in her absence.
3) I feel bad for all the sick people out there- but I am grateful that my little family isn't affected yet.
4) I have a house that has power- unlike some people in Texas (poor Grandma and Grandpa Cochran!)
5) This friday is fabulous because its still summer- I'm hanging on as long as I can!

Carmy said...

mmmmm fabulous 5!!!!

#1. i don't care how old my little blue car is by far my most favorite car ever.

#2. i've landed the most awesome job with the most awesome people.

#3. I am very thankful i have the abililty to see and function...i may function wierd sometimes, but at least i function.

#4. i'm so glad i have the best family in the whole wide world:)

#5. i am more than grateful for showers,which is exactly what i'm going to do right now!!! ^_^

bv said...

i love that your fab 5 were related to one another!!

you're the cutest!



Denning Domain said...

Girl, i am getting on board with this little exercise. You always make me feel happy so here it goes...
1- We have a beautiful home to live and sleep in.
2-I have a great husband who will do anything to support our family.
3- For the great blessings that come from paying tithing.. it just makes things work out somehow.
4-For beautiful healthy children.
5-For great friends who inspire and uplift me and make me laugh!
Love ya Dude...

Kaci said...

I heart washers and dryers!!! :) Hope you are doing well! XOXO

Ginny said...

I know it's monday, but my fridays are crazy since Dave doesn't work. Which would be a great way to jump in this marvelous monday.

1- my hubby works four tens so we get an extra day to our weekend

2-the rain...i love love love it

3-i had my blood pressure, pulse, etc. taken for the first time in almost two years (since it has previously always been associated with baby-making and there is none of that goin on) and things look great!

4-ok, while we're at it. i am not pregnant and am so happy about it. i haven't felt this way my entire married is AWESOME!

5-chocolate. i am eating some for breakfast. sometimes mondays just call for it.