Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

I'm in such a hurry, but I had to get these fabulous things in my life posted!!

1- I have legs with feet attached to them that can run me all over in my busy-ness.

2- I have three kids that are absolutely wonderful, smart, fun and keep my life so very exciting.

3- I have drains that take yucky water away somewhere that is hard for me to imagine.

4- There are fifteen tomatoes sitting in my kitchen window that came from my garden... and more that are almost ripe on the vine.

5- I had a volunteer butternut squash come up from last year, so I thought. I looked at it the other day and I was FABULOUSLY surprised to see a bright orange pumpkin instead of a butternut squash! How fun!

Join me in acknowledging the things that are fabulous in your life today! And then go and enjoy them!


Brecca said...

My fabulous five today:
1) My husband and I have jobs that provide us with money for our family.
2) My husbands family is so much a part of my life and I love it.
3) My baby only woke up twice last night, very awesome compared to my last week of nights.
4) Blake was promoted to Sargent. (He earned his stripes!)
5) The skies are sunny- summer isn't over yet-yea!

Leah said...

1. In light of two families we know battling luekemia in their young children, I'm thankful for my children's overall health.

2. Even though the hours are LONG and his work cell phone never really seems to stop ringing lately, I'm thankful for my hubby's job which allows me to be home with the kids (and will provide better opportunities within the year for our family)

3. that my daughter is LOVING first grade, despite starting the year not really knowing anyone in her class

4. that I have good friends to support me when I need it most

5. that it's a beautiful, gorgeous, SUNNY day (big news in Sept in WA state!) and it's Friday (family fun night!) woo hoo!

I love these types of posts. Really makes to stop to think about things we often take for granted

Polly said...

Well, I was actually going to make a 5 things I hate post yesterday, so...I'll be putting up a fabulous five soon.

bv said...

you are so dang cute! i love your little list and joined in the fun!!! travel safe, love!

Kristin said...

Love it!

Kaci said...

Awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

i love your FAB FIVE!!!