Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

The whining must stop. I just spent a good half hour to an hour on the phone whining to one of my BFFs, and I've decided to cancel the whining. Fridays are now officially dedicated to all things fabulous! (OK, I'm going to limit it to five for the sake of time and alliteration!) Five things that are fantastic in my life right now:

1- Blogging! It brings me joy even when I miss a post now and then. I know it's there waiting for me, as are you, my incredibly fabulous readers. It's fun because you read! Thanks!
2- Lucky, the squirrel is doing fantastic. He is growing and squeaking and getting strong. I am succeeding fabulously at nursing a baby-baby squirrel to adulthood.
3- My fantastic marriage. I feel so lucky in this department. My husband is so good to me and I'm tryin' my darndest to be good to him.
4- There is progress towards getting a second bathroom in my house! FABULOUS!!!
5- My cold is almost completely gone. YAY for fantasticness!!!!

The more we give, the more we get. Join me in bringing more fantastic things into your life by expressing joy and gratitude in the things we already have that are fantastic and fabulous (feel free to use other adjectives if those two start looking weird... you know, like they're spelled wrong cuz you've typed them so many times? LOL!). Anyway... I invite you to join me on Fridays in focusing on the great, good, fantastic and fabulous things in your life! Like attracts like. Focus on what you want. (I've been trying hard to have this be my own personal daily mantra for the last two weeks, so I'm telling this to myself!) Have fun!


beth s. said...

here it is-no specific order:
1-It's fantastic to have a friend I haven't even talked to for a while remind me two days in a row to get my head out of the sand!
2-A garden that's provided us the food we need for the next year!
3-Photos on the comp to remind me that here have been plenty of good times!
4-Darrell's half way through school and I'm sure the next two years will go by just as quickly.
5-A husband who, no matter how stuck my head is, still thinks I'm beautiful, sexy, wonderful, amazing!
thanks for helping me look past the 'weeds on the side of the road' love ya

Polly said...

It seems we had the need to count our blessings today in common. Sometimes I feel justified in my whine, but truly, I'm not really.

Thanks...I've posted my five!

Kristin said...

Awesome! I love the things you come up with... I'm glad you have someone great to vent to also. Friends are so valuable. They help us keep perspective and validate us. I love that!

5 things I'm grateful for:

1 - My husband
2 - My son(s)
3 - My friends
4 - My ward
5 - My in-laws

I know it's not very detailed, but the detail is in my head doing it's magic... if I have time tonight maybe I'll post on my blog.

Way to help us all stay positive!

bv said...

LOVE IT! I want to play!!!

PS I'm always here for you lady!