Sunday, August 31, 2008


I got an email from a friend tonight for my birthday, and it made me feel like a million bucks. I am going to bind my blog into a book one of these days and I want my friend's nice words in the book, so please bear with me while I post this sweet note I got from my pal. I am granting anonymity to the author of said words, so don't ask, bucko! ;)

{To: Clancy}

Happy 30th a bit late. You are such a kick and I wanted to do something special so here is a random (in order and thought) list of 30 things that make me love you. Enjoy and we will party on soon I am sure.

ODE to Clancy Pants....In list form...

1. You let me call you Clancy Pants. How fun is that!!!

2. You made edible eyeballs and witch fingers.

3. You throw yourself into life full on. Anything you commit to doing you do in style.

4. Do you ever not have a smile? I bet you even smile while your yelling at the kids.

5. You don't really yell at your kids. You love them and love being their mom.

6. You invite every one into your life and make us all feel like your favorite sister.

7. Your Halloween costumes always rock.

8. You have one of the most sincere laughs and you use it often.

9. Your mom has chickens. I don't know why this makes me love you more. It just does.

10. You listen to my cry. Even if it isn't a good reason.

11. If I am not crying for a good reason, you make me feel like it is anyway.

12. You make me want to improve my life, as you are always trying to do.

13. You are so carefree. A very comfortable quality.

14. You think your children are the most adorable things in the world but you also make others feel the same about our kids.

15. You ride a motorcycle with your hubby on dates. How cute is that!

16. You put the R in RAD.

17. You let things go and help us all grow stronger.

18. You are steady in your friendship. You are not just a friend when it is convinient for you.

19. You make yummy treats.

20. And the winner for the cutest short hair goes to CLANCY PANTS...Nobody pulls it off like you do.

21. You rollerblade

22. You like Wheat Grass.

23. You are a hippie. I don't know why but you are.

24. You wear a Team Edward t-shirt.

25. You like Imogen Heap. Only cool people like her.

26. You always have something interesting to tell. I could never tire from talking to you.

27. You are happy for other people's happiness. This is a big one. It shows your selflessness.

28. You don't make people feel fat.

29. You wear cool shoes.

30. You LOVE Me!!!!

Happy birthday lovey.

{From: My pal}


bv said...

Wow! That is awesome and super creative!!!!

love you!

Kaci said...

Awhhh that was so cool! I wanna be your friend! :)

Leah said...

What a neat person you must be, and what a fantastic friend you have!!!!

bv said...

I forgot...

I read this and thought of this

I owe you a call lovebug!!!

Genene said...

Thump, Thump, Thump!!! or is it Pittypat? <3

(xtkhkvm - that's a dumb one)

Kristin said...

How neat... you are an amazing woman with an amazing friend!

Denning Domain said...

Hey... i totally know who wrote that. i wish i could say it was me cuz i feel the exact same way, but i just made you come to lunch with us instead! i love you Clancy pants... your really should be a writer. I am reading your blog and laughing and thinking deeply. You are so awesome!