Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thirty going on Thirteen...

Or maybe it's twelve. Either way, it was buckets of fun! As the majority of you know, Stephanie Meyer's new book, Breaking Dawn came out on Saturday, August 2. My friends Rachel, Maria, and Carmen and I went to the midnight release of this MUCH anticipated end to the Twilight saga.

Rather than just be normal... normal being going at midnight to stand in line with hundreds of other people... we decided to really play the thirteen year-old card. Rachel and I made shirts for ourselves and Carmen. (Maria is actually more like sixteen and was too cool to wear a sparkling declaration of love for Edward!)Me, Rachel, Carmen sportin' our sparkling TEAM EDWARD shirts.

Maria did wear black to match us and put a sticker on her shirt, so we might be lookin' at somewhere around 15 years old. ;)

Can't you just feel our excitement!! We were nearly bouncing off the walls with it!

This was the line ahead of us, and it extended far behind us too. This was only the people with "A" bracelets, meaning we were the first bunch. There was also "B-E", I believe. That's how many people were there! It was madness. I loved it!

And here we are with our much coveted treasures!

My big plan for when I got home was to sneak off and read for a few hours before I went to bed. But I was thwarted by a sick little girl. Ella ended up throwing up all night. So I was on mommy-duty instead! I finally fell asleep at about 5am and only read about 150 pages in between Ella sicking up.

I finally finished the book this morning, and, while I liked it, I didn't LOVE it like I did the other three. I was actually relieved that I only enjoyed it rather than obsessively LOVED it. It made it easier for me to not be sad and depressed when I finished the book and knew it was the end of this series forever.

What are your thoughts on the book? (If you want to talk specifics in a comment, please forewarn those who haven't read it yet by saying SPOILER before you type your spoiling comment!!!!)


Kaci said...

Awhhh hell I guess this is another series I'm gonna hafta to read if ya'll did all that to get the last copy!! :)

Clancy in Idaho said...

definitely have to read them, Kaci!! They are among my favorite books ever!!!!

Clancy in Idaho said...

LOL! I just noticed, when I clicked on the last picture to enlarge it, that we all look like newborn vampires!! Our eyes are all "crimson"! Ya... that was planned. It was part of our costume...

Kristin said...

I loved your comments on my blog about this. I think it's hilarious that you and your friends went to the midnight party... I considered it, but decided Costco the next morning for $3 cheaper was good enough for me. :) Plus, I didn't have an obsessive friends to go with!


As you know, I wasn't as enamored with this book either. I did enjoy it though. I didn't have the same issues with the
baby as you did... I wonder if that's just because I'm pregnant and just accepted it. At the same time though, I wasn't in lover with her either... the way everyone in the book was. I think you have a point there. She should have gotten us to fall in love with her. Any anxiety I felt was more for Bella and Edward's safety than Renesmee (TOTALLY agree with you on the name... Blek!).

I also knew Jacob would imprint. Like you said, it was the only way to truly resolve it. What did you think about having his perspective for part of the book? At first I was disappointed, but I think we got more of the story that way, so in the end it was good.

I liked that the fight didn't happen. If it had, for me it would have seemed too obvious. I LOVED Bella's shield too! I also love how she started out not-so-confident, like her real personality. Very cool!

And you thought you gave me a novel!


Britta said...

Breaking what? Breaking my heart!

Love the t shirts! Love the fun pics but don't so LOVE the sotry! I have 50 pages to go and I'm just not emotionally engrossed in this one.

Britta said...

Dude, that last pic makes Rachel look like she has a crazy green hat on top of her head. I'm sure it's just the background but it made me giggle!

Maria Hart said...

I was really just trying to be the middle-aged chaperone... you know.. the cool Mom that goes along with the kids! Really, I'm not obsessed with the stories, but the opportunity to have a late night with the girls at a really fun venue was too good to pass up! It was amazing to see the fandom these books have created.
SPOILER: The book itself was good, especially the more I think about it. With Bella's transformation into immortality came a maturity in both the storyline and character development that really should not have been surprising. The characters find their committments, which isn't as engrossing as brand-new love. Committed love is definitely less thrilling than new-starstruck-Romeo-&-Juliet-esque love, but it is more final, resolved, directed. This is the ending. The story gives closure, which is nice. The name was odd, but in a fantasy world (set in the real world), isn't it nice to have a few curve balls, a few unexpecteds? Stephenie Meyer's genius is her character portrayals... she creates real characters that make you care. She creates very real dialogue. She gets into the heads of very different people and makes you want to hear what they are thinking. She talks "boy-talk" as fluently as the mushy girl talk. She imbues emotion. She creates tension. In her personal life, she is also very remarkable. She is a normal woman doing something extraordinary. Who doesn't find that compelling?

Teri's Tales said...

I finally broke down and bought book 1, "Twilight" because everyone is raving about this series. I had tried to check it out at the library, but it has a waiting list. The first third of the book was very high school (appropriately so, I guess) the last was more interesting but I was puzzled at all the raving reviews. It is definitely not up their with the classics, but it has my interest enough to put my name on the waiting list for book 2. I do want to know what happens next. Maybe I was just expecting too much with all the hipe. I'll see what the next book brings.

Kristy said...

I love it that you went to the midnight party all dressed up, declaring your love for Edward! How fun!! You guys crack me up.
I love the books too, and can't wait to read this new one. You didn't LOVE it like the others?? OH NO!!!

beth s. said...

I love the hairdo you're sporting in the second pic!!! ;)
You didn't tell us about the mullet in your hair history blog! I'm glad you had a fun night out. You guys are crazy.

Clancy in Idaho said...

Beth... I didn't notice that when I posted these, but Dustin had pointed it out to me that it looked like my hair in that pic... funny.

Britta... I noticed Rachel's funny green hat too. LOL! And I'm sorry that you, aren't emotionally involved in the story.

Maria... Amen to this "Committed love is definitely less thrilling than new-starstruck Romeo-&-Juliet-esque love, but it is more final, resolved, directed."

Well put, I say.

Don't get me wrong, everyone. I still thought the book was great. I just didn't bawl my head off when I finished it like I did when I finished Eclipse in January. I was SOOOO involved in the characters and the story that when it ended and I didn't get to read about them anymore, I felt like someone died. I grieved for lost friends. This book I didn't have that feeling. I felt closure and relief. I was glad that I wasn't so attached (cuz I didn't love it quite as much) because it made it easier for me to be ok with the books being over.


Mic and Jazzy said...

Alright so heres the deal.


I did enjoy the book. However I did find it flawed. I did not like how Bella transformed from human into a newborn vampire with ease. I wanted it to be hard for her, to struggle with her new abilities, and to crave human blood. Instead she just woke up like two days later, pretty much fine.

I loved Edward in the book, especially his concern for Bella when she was preggers. That it was so hard for him to stand by and watch her hurt- it was too cute.

I can see why Jacob imprinted. But really?? A "shape shifter" in love with a half vampire? That seems just too over the top. Doesn't she find him stinky? Doesn't she want to kill him? Yes, she is only half vampire, but those characteristics are always strong in a full vampire. I thought it would be good to imprint with Leah, but it was too late for that. Or have Leah imprint him. I don't know.

Also, can we talk about the name Renessme Carlie? I used to split names in half like that when I was like ten. It just seemed so, I don't know, barfy.

And now that Charlie knows, or does he? What all does he know? I thought that was a little shaky. And he is so, I don't know, innocent throughout the series, I was sad to see him dragged into the whole thing at the end.

I am glad the pressure to fight was building the whole book. I liked meeting the Italian vampires again, their abilities, etc. Again though, it was hard for me to believe that Bella could control her shield so easily, when just a few hours earlier it had been so difficult.

I enjoyed the book- it was a good read. I would recommend it to fans of the series. It wasn't my favorite installation, but I feel good about the way she left things.

So...now what do we all read??

Travis said...

I did the midnight thing for the last Harry Potter book, just because I wanted to see what it was like.

I don't know anything about this Twilight series, other than what I've read recently about the impact it has for teenage girls and their moms.