Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Own Meme

I know I've got the Manic Monday thing going on, thanks to Mo. And I've got my little Wednesday "Jar" thing. But I've had an idea for a new meme game to play. Are we excited? We'll see.

So, here's the deal. I love to write. I know that's shocking, but there it is. I've thought a lot about this and I would like to do a meme every week that is an exercise in creative writing and I want you all to play!

The rules: I pick two phrases that we all have to include in some sort of story. It can be a snippet of a story... just a paragraph or even just two or three sentences. Or it can be a big long thing like I like to write sometimes. I will post the phrases on Tuesdays. We will have the stories ready for posting on Thursdays. Then we can all have fun writing and reading each others stories!!!

Don't get all goofy on me and think you're not a writer... just play! It's an exercise and time and practice improves everything. :)

SOOO.... here's the phrases for this, the first of my (and hopefully YOUR) new Thursday posts!!!

Stifling a yawn, she found herself wondering...

She squirmed impatiently as the cop patted her down.

There you go! Have fun with this and PLEASE play. It's no fun if I'm the only one! (And, by Thursday I will have come up with a name for this meme... I have several rolling around, but I haven't picked yet!)


Polly said...

I'm game...I'll totally try...but maybe not this week...it will be a little behind, since I'm borrowing vacation time from relatives right now on the computer (couldn't resist...it's been almost 2 weeks!)

Travis said...

I've been wanting to get involved with Flash 55 on Fridays and Saturday Wordzzle, but I just haven't been able to organize my schedule to get those done. I love a good writing prompt though.

I'll see what happens with your prompt. If the words come, I'll post for Thursday.

bv said...

I don't know words. Can I just be goofy? (because you know I totally want to play!)

Clancy in Idaho said...

Travis... I didn't know a meme like that existed. Looks fun. The Flash 55 looks harder, but the Wordzzle looks cool. I guess I feel like a copycat now, but I didn't even know about them so that's ok. I will still proceed.

Britta... absolutely! Be silly. Be a dork! I certainly will somedays. And others I'll write serious and long, but I want variety here!!! :) And you need to shut it with the "I don't know words" thing. You've been saying that since college and you DO TOO know words! You are exceptional with them, you dork! So stop that nonsense! :) Love you!

Rachel Chick said...

Hooray! You did it! I'm excited to play. I'll have to give this some thought.

Ginny said...

probably won't play (this week at least) since i still have one more vacation post to do and i have already granted myself far too much computer time considering the activity of the last few weeks. but, if you read carefully, my last vacation post might at least see the second phrase (or something like unto it)...