Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Image Tag

Britta (BBC!!!) has tagged me. I am instructed to go onto Google Images and find an image suitable for my response to each question. I laughed and laughed at Britta's responses. If you don't read her blog, you should go there RIGHT NOW and read her image tag post! LOL!

Past loves: I don't know if this is what they were looking for when they said "past loves", but the term "old flame" came to mind! These are two of my old boyfriends, and I loved them once upon a time. (and YES, I found these pictures on Google Images. LOL!)

My first name: Clancy. This is the Clancy Cottage at the Hallflat Farm Cottages in Wasdale, England. I've never been... just found it on the images. I want to go now. Doesn't it look magical. You should see the inside of the cottage... so charming.

Your middle name: Leigh. I don't know who Brennan Leigh is, but she plays the guitar and sings and that's just what I want to do! (I don't want an album like she has, but I just want to not suck at guitar like I currently do!)

Your last name: My husband has asked that I not put our last name on my blog, and I would love nothing more than to honor him and his request. Just know that this is the image I found when I plugged it in and I picked it because I have been running *except for the last week with my severe cold* and I plan to run a 5K this fall.

What are you doing right now?
Making sure my chair leg doesn't fall into the gaping hole in my floor. AKA plumbing in our basement... busted out LOTS of concrete so we can move every piece of plumbing in my house (We're not moving the location of the sinks or toilets upstairs, but we are changing the way they hook up to the main sewer). My own pictures forthcoming.... (and they're WAY cooler than that one!)

How old are you? Thirty, baby! Last Wednesday, thank you very much! Britta said she was stuck at eighteen forever. If we're talking about ages that we are "stuck" at, then I'm twenty-eight. I don't know why, but that's how I think of myself.

My favorite treat: Hmmm... this is a brand new favorite that I've only tried once, but I was pretty sure I'd died and gone to heaven when I tried it, and I've been craving them every since... Ferrero Raffaello. (you know... the makers of Ferrero Rocher ball treats that you get at Christmas?) These are little coconut covered spheres... the coconut gives way to a mild, crisp wheat wafer shell and a milky flavored cream inside with a very smooth texture. In the very center is an almond. AHHHHH!!! I think my Aunt got them at RightAid... do you think they're open at 10:00 pm?

Place I would like to travel: I am torn between MANY places on this one, but right now it's a toss up between Venice and Greece. I think I could hit them both in the same trip, right? They're not TOO far apart? Anyway... that's the deal. I can't decide so I chooseboth!

Your favorite color: Definitely blue. Not just any blue... the blue of my Larimar necklace that Dustin bought me in Maui. It's very similar to this pic, but I think mine is prettier! :) (and just a little random fact: They have found Larimar in only 1 square km in the world.)

Your home town
: I guess they mean the place I grew up? That would be Salt Lake City, Utah. I always loved this statue that is across the street from the temple by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It is so joyful. (that pic would be in Salt Lake, obviously)

Your favorite vacation spot: I haven't gone on a lot of "vacations" but it's a toss up right now between Maui and Lake Powell.

Your favorite food: I've gotta go with Sushi. Sorry Britt... I love the stuff. It was torture to find a picture of it because it made me want to have some RIGHT NOW, but I don't think many sushi places are open at 10:39 pm. And FYI, Maui had the BEST sushi EVER!!! (makes sense with the ocean right there and all...)

Your favorite animal: I'm pretty sure you're surprised that I have a new favorite animal. Yep... Squirrel. And it's not just any squirrel, but MY squirrel. I am excited for him to get big! (and a little nervous... but we'll take it as it comes!) He's worked his way into our family's hearts. I wub him.

DANG! That was a long post! I worked on it over the course of 24 hours. Took FOREV, but it was very fun. The hardest part for me was thinking of what my favorite treat was. Weird.

So... I tag Carmy, Rachel, Brecca (private), Teri and
Ginny (private).


bv said...

I AM SO EXCITED THAT YOU TOOK THE TIME TO DO THIS!!!!! I didn't realize you thought so highly of my post on this...I feel honored! I am so creating a special little award just for you, Pants!

I absolutely loved reading your post(except the part about sushi, fowl!!) and I have so much to say...

Dude, I pulled your page up and I was like, 'who is the weirdo red head freak with antlers that you posted?' and then I realized IT WAS JER! How funny is that?! You kill me! Then I looked and vaguely, very vaguely recognized Cache! I think it's crazy funny that you found them on Google images! I think I may have to go Google some past flames just for kicks ;) I think it's awesome that you posted about them!!!

So perhaps we could hit the Clancy Cottage before/after our Mediterranean cruise?! Oh and don't you worry your pretty little head off...we'll hit Greece and Italy (to make the Venice visit!) on the cruise, I promise!!

I think you're wise for editing your last name out. Kaci did the same thing and believe me I thought about it but I thought I'm already out there on FB, MySpace and I have concealed my name on Blogger until this post.

I do so love that you are running and need you to check out the JAYDUD blog at Forget the actually jaded romance factor and replace it with any kind of negative energy. DON'T GET MAD GET HOT!

Batteries and Rocher balls. Someday when I'm not broke I'm buying you plenty of both for your birthday THAT I MISSED :(

I will forever think of you now when I see that statue at Temple Square. I can see it in my minds eye but the picture you posted with the flowers is beautiful and I love the association you attached to it as I've never really thought about it.

Does Lake Powell really compare to Maui?! You are definitely going to have to explain this one as I NEED to understand, pretty lady!

I definitely also need an update on your new little pet!

Now that you are craving Sushi and yummy chocolatey Rocher goodness I think you should get some sleep SO I CAN CALL YOU IN THE MORNING!

Love your guts (and your cute face!) xoxo bv

Kaci said...

Totally awesomeness! Those chocolate/coconut thingys look oh so yumo! XOXO! Have a fab day!

Kristin said...

Awesome! I've started working on mine (last night). I told Britta I probably wouldn't get to it until next week, but I might have a chance to finish it this morning. Yay!

Ginny said...

done. probably not as quippy, but done none-the-less. enjoy!!! (i did yours)