Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From The Jar... #15

Thinking back, was there a teacher or class that had a great influence on you?

I really don't think there was. I liked a lot of teachers and classes, but none really stick out in my mind as a big "influence".

LOL. I've just remembered something that's kind of opposite of the question... In seventh grade I was in ELP (extended learning program where kids were pushed harder than the regular curriculum). I believe we went to ELP for English and Social Studies??? I can't remember for sure except for English. I remember we had to do a "creative writing" project. You'd think that that would have been a big influence, seeing how I love to write so much now. Not so. We had to make up a story. I thought it was retarded. I did something very half baked and thought my story was very stupid. While I was writing it the teacher let us get up and have a "break". I believe she left the room. I stomped around irritated and grouchy and said in a loud voice, "I WILL NEVER WRITE WHEN I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL. I WILL NEVER WRITE A BOOK! DO YOU HEAR ME? NEVER!!!!" I swore it up and down for ten minutes or so... I held onto that for a long time. I thought I hated writing most of my life. I wrote a poem when I was in high school just because I felt like it. It wasn't an assignment or anything. I liked that, but I still didn't like writing. Then I wrote little poems in college, and it seems that I only wrote when I was upset. I loved to write those. They always made me feel better. I didn't write much of anything for the years after we got married. Not until I started a blog. Then I just couldn't seem to stop. Now, about 17 years later, I've decided a book would be fun to write and it is a goal!

So, I guess the influence was a negative one, and it took me 17 years to get over my public school training!!!


Teri's Tales said...

It's a tragidy that negative experiences stick for so long in our memories impeding our growth and inhibiting our creativity and expresion.

I had someone tell me I'd never be a good singer. I've never gotten over it and have always hated my voice.

Maria Hart said...

I had a wonderful history teacher and an english teacher in high school that were tremendously influential in my own writing style and my interest in research. They really helped me lay the foundation for my collegiate studies. I had some amazing female professors of history in college who pushed me, refined me, and taught me how to learn in new and exciting ways, very complex ways. I wrote several award winning essays in college. I love history. In the 10th grade I had a seminary teacher who let us ask anything, asked us very difficult questions, and in general, lit the inquiring fire within the gospel realm for me. As for me life right now, my children are my greatest teachers, often showing me my weaknesses so I can work on them. Even more profound, John teaches me constantly, pushes my paradigms, and helps me discover truth in deep, meaningful, and eternally influential ways. Great question.

Kaci said...

I can just see you stomp stomp stomping!! LOL! I'm so glad you didn't give up on writing! XOXO

beth s. said...

Clancy, you may not have enjoyed writing assignments but the notes that flowed from you were more than creative! I actually saved a little basketful of notes from JH just because they crack me up so much! When I read your post I had to pull them out and look through them. Almost every one shows some disdain for the class or teacher you had at the moment. I found one that was extremely descriptive. I wish I knew what teacher you were talking about! I can't believe your language :)

Beth- It's ok. don't blame it on you, it's that hag, fag, baggyeyed butthole, nosepicking, horseshoe shining, butthair, cow shot, dog pooh, black and white and blue and green all blended together into one obnoxious color, gum mushed into green and orange speckled carpet, dog hair, chewed teddybear, orange crayon, colored tentacle, creative writing assignment TEACHER!
by! Clancy

I forgot how many names we had for each other! Good memory lane!