Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From The Jar... #14

How did you like being the oldest, middle or youngest child?

I am number three of five, so I am as middle as you can get. Well, I guess technically you can get more middle if you were number two of three because when there's five, three shares middle with two and four... I digress.

What kind of dumb question is this? Since being the middle child is all I've ever known I like it just fine. If I said I hated it wouldn't that imply that I hate my life? Maybe not, but it's kinda dumb. Oh well.

I've always thought being number three of five was a good place to be. I got to watch my older siblings give my parents lots of crap to wade through. I chose not to give much crap. I broke curfew. That's about the extent of my wild side. I've often wondered if I would have been more "wild" if I had been the oldest or the youngest. Probably not. I actually think it has more to do with who I am rather than my birth order.

I have some of those "middle child" syndromes. I stayed out of the way a lot. I am the peacemaker of the family. I hate conflict. I had a tendency to be "invisible" or ignored sometimes. I don't resent it, but it does take some overcoming as an adult. But, who doesn't have "stuff" to overcome? None of us. We all have our junk in the trunk that we get to dig through and get rid of.

Being the middle of five had advantages too. I could either be one of the big kids or one of the younger kids. I got to be a big kid and stay up late or be a younger kid and get out of stuff I didn't want to do. I used it to my advantage. *insert evil laugh here... mwaahaaahaaa!*

I think the middle is a fine place to be. I certainly wouldn't like to be the oldest. We like to call that position the "experimental child" since we don't know what the heck we're doing and, in our experience, Mac tends to get the brunt of all our ignorance. Poor kid.

The youngest wouldn't be so bad. I used to wish I was the youngest. When it was just Taylor and Lacy at home my parents would buy them all sorts of good things to take in their lunch... Capri Suns, fruit snacks, lunch meat, mini chip bags... All we got when all five of us were there were things like PBJs and oranges or apples. We only got cool stuff when we had a field trip. Being the youngest always sounded like a pretty sweet deal. ;)

"If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride." I am the middle child, and that is just fine with me!


Kaci said...

Oooo I'm a middle child too!!

Teri's Tales said...

I have two older sisters and 6 younger brothers, so I don't know where I fit. I'm the youngest girl and in that way may have been spoiled a little, but with 6 younger brothers, I did a lot of spoiling as well. I tended to be the peacemaker too. Insidently, singing "Let's Be Kind to One Another" when your siblings are fighting doesn't go over very well.

Kristin said...

SO fun! I love your post... it's so much better than mine... you obviously put more thought into yours than I did into mine. And yet, I still can't think of much more to say... maybe it's pregnancy brain. I agree that it's an interesting question to ask considering we don't know any different. But there are people out there who speculate and think that another position has better perks. Whatever! I was happy being the youngest.

Ginny said...

i didn't believe in the whole birth order psychology until i became a mother and saw the unavoidable differences that occur. now i find the topic intriguing. i am technically both a middle and oldest child as there is a large gap between me and my older sister. so i guess i kind of get two perspectives!

Leah said...

LOL! I love the bit about staying up with the big kids, but getting out of stuff like the little kids. ROFL!

I know with our eldest, I expect a lot more out of her than the other two. The stuff I expected out of her at four years old isn't the same stuff I expect out of my current four year old (our middle child). Not that it's TONS different, but compared to her (she's six), he seems so little still, whereas when she was four, he was two and she seemed perfectly capable and "grown up" and not little at all. It's all in what you have to compare to! The baby doesn't get babied for being the youngest (at least I don't think we baby him), but he's EVIL (and I mean that in the most loving of ways). ask Kaci. She's heard the stories... LOL

It was fun reading your take on being the middle child. I will be interested to hear my middle child's take on being the middle child when he's older...

Travis said...

I'm the oldest of 2...I have a younger sister. I've often wondered what it would be like to have an older sibling, but I wouldn't change my circumstances.

My little sister and I always got along well, and we still have a great relationship now. We're pals.