Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm sitting here at my little sister's house and we are about to go to the sidewalk art show by the river. This is one of my favorite events of the summer. I don't know that I can explain why. I think it's the dream of being able to buy original art.

A few summers ago I did buy one. It was a local artist (as many of them are) who grew up in the same area as my husband. She had watercolors for sale, and I happen to recognize one of them as a store in a little town close to where Dustin grew up. I asked her if it was the store I recognized and she said yes. As I looked around closer I realized that I recognized many of the paintings from spots around Dustin's valley.

We happened to have some extra money at the time and I indulged. I bought a painting of an old house called the "Reams Mansion". This was a place that Dustin had taken me past many times. He told me stories of how it was supposedly haunted and they used to take dates there and sneak into it and scare themselves. I bought it and saved it until Dustin's birthday came around and gave it to him. He was very impressed and surprised.

I love to look and it and remember that I bought an original piece of art....


Britta said...

Have fun at the art show with Lacy! I loved the story about the original art that you bought. The significance is priceless and makes it even that much more special. You ARE the cutest!

I've been recruiting for Manic Monday and Wednesdays Jar pull ;)


Kaci said...

Yes yes what Britta said was true...hehehe!

And the art story is great!! What a great gift, I bet he was touched!! :)


Polly said...

I can't believe you bought a picture of a haunted house for your home artwork! *gasp* Doesn't that make your house, by association, haunted as well? LOL
I love seeing some of those beautiful paintings as well. Sometimes it's really the most affordable way to get a unique piece that really touches you.

Kristin said...

That's hilarious! Brett's from a family of artists, so we have originals that we didn't have to pay for. In fact, my friend basically got a museum tour at my in-laws because they have SO much art hanging... next time you're out I'll have to take you by. I would like to buy something really nice (and large), but don't know if I'll ever being willing to spend enough.