Monday, July 14, 2008

What's up?

So, I've had several questions about the "poignancy" of my last several posts. Just thought I'd address that. At least a little bit.

There is a story that I want to tell. So, over the last week, I've found myself looking at the story in everything I feel or see or hear. I've been trying to learn how to tell a story. I guess this started in January, really. Every book I've read since then I've been analyzing how to write a story. So... the bits I've been posting are stories about things I've been experiencing or feeling or felt previously. I'm just telling stories. There are other aspects to it, for sure, but that's all I'm telling for now. For the rest, you'll just have to wait for my finished product! ;)


Britta said...

you little rock star you! sorry i melted down earlier. glad we got to catch up and thanks for sharing so much great insight! there are some friends that i don't really feel worthy of and you are at the top of that list, pretty lady!


Maria Hart said...

It's like building a Lego tower with kids... it's not about the end result, but about the process. As soon as it is built, they want to knock it down and start all over. That said, I am looking forward to your end result... but the process is entertaining and enlightening as well. I am glad your my desk partner in computer wizardry school. I am having a great time!

Kaci said...

New to your blog but yea can't wait to see the finished product! Found you from Britta... :)