Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hair History

My blogging friend, Maggie, did a post remembering funny hairstyles from her youth. She asked at the end, "What crazy hair styles did you have?". I had so much fun answering her query, that I had to do a post myself so I could hear all about your goofy childhood hair days!

She talked about how she tried, for a little while, the bangs that stick straight up. Here was my comment on her blog:

I can totally see the straight-up bangs. We had a name for girls who held on to those big bangs years after they were out of style... Boof Bangers.

While they were in style, however, I tried my darndest, but I never could achieve the up-bang thing. I have very straight, fine hair. I have a fair amount of hair, but it doesn't hold curl well at all. (I never did try to use a whole bottle of hairspray in a week though. Maybe I would've had more success with that tactic!)

I remember a few attempts at perms. My hair would take the perm on the underlayers but the top wouldn't. So I would have this lovely flat to partly wavy hair on top and under would be crazy tight curls. It sucked to be me in the perm days.

In high school I was a granola who wore hiking boots and patagonia shirts all the time. I parted my long straight hair in the middle or pulled it up into a pony tail or two braids on the sides.

Now I mostly keep it short. I just got it cut on Monday and it is REALLY short. I think it's about the same length as my husband's hair!

Fun post. I might just copy you and post this comment of mine on my blog so I can hear all about my friends' hair history.

So, now I ask all of you.... What crazy hair styles did you have? ;)


Kaci said...

OMG I have some stories but you may never visit my blog again. LOL!

I totally rocked the mullet do for a better part of my 8th grade year. I'll never forgive my mother for that one.

I did the duck bill bangs for a good solid part of my freshman year.

Man my Mom hated me and always had these rediculous hair do's on me. And I have an un-natural fear of her so I just went with it. But it was AWFUL!

My hair now is chin length straight...easy to manage.

Polly said...

Yes, I loved the big bangs and WINGS...wings were my utimate do.

Ginny said...

I don't think I ever had super crazy hair, except in following the current trend (yes, I had the bangs...with LOTS of hairspray). I can, however, totally relate to the perm woes and lack of holding curl. I thought you were talking about my hair when you were talking about your hair (except having lots of it, mine is fairly sparse).

Britta said...

This is such a funny post! What the heck is are duck bill bangs???

I have had way too many really bad do's! In 3rd grade I was far too excited to chop my long hair and sport the RAT TAIL!

It was cut around my ears, short in the back and of course had the long dysfunctional chunk in the middle! Plus I had my big front teeth come in that year. Fortunately for me I had NO IDEA how bad it was until I looked back!

In 5th grade I thought it would be SUPER RAD to get a perm and again lucky for me I didn't view it as the travasty it was!

Then There was 7th grade...I put my bangs down in my eyes and that lasted through 9th. Again, I didn't see the foul in this.

By 10th grade I normalized but prior to that I lived some dark years in the world's top worst hair do's!

Clancy in Idaho said...

LOL! Thanks for all the comments! Sounds like we were all a bunch of dorks. But... thank goodness that the whole world was a bunch of dorks right along with us so none of us knew our dork-ness until now!

Kristin said...

I would love to do a post on this, but don't have any pictures, which as you know I HAVE to have. I'm supposed to be getting a scanner for my birthday, so maybe we'll eventually get lucky. I also need to pics to jog my memory. It's a pretty bad one. But here's what I do remember:

In 5th or 6th grade (maybe both) I did the tall bangs... scary... I did three separate curls, one on top of the other that I didn't really blend.

In Jr. High I started growing out my bangs and had some serious transition problems.

Like Britta, once I hit high school my hair improved. Maybe once I get my scanner I'll run through my dad's photo albums and be reminded of other scary do's.

Beth S. said...

I was pretty lucky on not too many hair mishaps. ALways straight, just varying lengths from chin to waist. I guess that's one good side to not being very daring. When I was in 1st or 2nd grade I did have the Dorothy Hammill hairdo. It was great if it was all curled under but without the curls, yikes. That was the shortest my hair had ever been til last week. Now it's only 1 1/2 inches in back maybe two on top. Ahhh, change. It's great!