Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From The Jar... #10

Bless you, jar. Today I am in such a hurry and have no time for a lengthy jar post and guess what! The jar gave me such an easy one.

And the jar says...

What was the first piece of furniture that you bought?

The first piece of actual furniture was a couch from the D.I. thrift store. It was awfully ugly... country style, blue with a ruffle on the bottom and such. But it was very comfortable and we loved it in our early married years. I guess we also bought our table but that was with money from people at our wedding so it didn't really feel like we bought it, we just picked it! :)

The first real, new and expensive thing we bought was a new mattress. This was early in our marriage too and it has been the best mattress!

We have only bought one more thing new and that is our entertainment center. It's pine with iron pulls and hinges. I like it.

The end.


Brecca said...

We have found some awesome furniture deals at the DI also. We kinda have to settle for things like that until we save up for something bigger and better.

Polly said...

Hmmm...our first furniture purchase. We bought a matress first. We still have it, although we have been saying we need to get a new one for a few years now. Actually, we decided that it was going to be our Anniversary and Valentine's Day present to ourselves this year. It has now been 9 months from one and 5 from the other and we don't have the excuse of moving now, so we better get on it!

Britta said...

You're cute! I loved imagining the blue couch from DI simply because I know how awesome your first year was. It all fits so well in my head!