Wednesday, July 9, 2008

From The Jar... #9

It's been ar crazy busy day and I'm not in the mood for a hard jar post, and of course, I picked one... And the jar says....

What are you most precious values?

In no particular order...

Peace. I am a peacemaker. I can be a fighter, but I mostly just want everyone to get along.

Cleanliness and order. I didn't say I had all these values, but they are the most precious. I want things to be clean and orderly and I tend to beat myself up because I don't always know how to have this.

Communication. I hate when people don't communicate. I hate when people keep things to themselves that should be spoken. It leaks out all over the place anyway. I can feel it and it's not authentic and honest when it's just swallowed. (I'm talking about myself here too...)

Progress and Personal Growth. I really value continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.

Patriotism. I found out this last fourth of July that I am a patriot. I knew it before, but it was an intense experience this time.

Discipline. Again, I don't have a ton of this, but it is a precious value to me and I am working toward having more of it in my life.

Faith. What more can I say. The lifeblood of the universe...

Family. This is what it's all about in my world. (and I've said it before... friends are the family we choose! In this life, that is!)

Freedom. This is becoming more and more precious to me as it is regarded less and less in our country.

Goodness, Wholesomeness. I believe these are becoming an endangered species in our media today. That's why I mostly don't participate in our media today.

Gratitude. I know the value of this. I don't give it enough. I strive to do better.

Hard Work. I don't think I do enough of this either, but it is a precious thing wherein countless lessons can be learned.

Honor, Honesty and Integrity. Enough said.

Knowledge and Leadership. It's what we take with us.

Love. No explanation needed.

Loyalty. I can't stand betrayal. Even in a movie. It's painful for me to watch movies where one gives up loyalty and betrays.

Punctuality. Another one I value but kinda suck at in my life.

Service. It just makes you feel good.

Simplicity. I don't always have this either but it's the ideal for me.

Choice. Our greatest gift.

Trust. I love to trust people and give them the benefit of the doubt. That's why being a landlord is a hard thing for me, unless I have people like two of my renters right now.

Truth. I love to find truth from many different angles. It's very satisfying.

There you go!


Britta said...

Did you seriously post a blank post?! :(

Britta said...

You're teasing me, right?! You know I look forward to this every Wednesday, right???

Kristin said...

LOL!!! I was just about to write, "This is a teaser, right!?!" I laugh because of Britta's comments. What's your excuse? Is it blogger that has been absurdly slow today or are you just busy?

Clancy in Idaho said...

Sorry everybody. I was trying to do this post and I accidentally hit the enter button too early. I didn't realize it published something. I don't even know what it said. Was it just the "From the Jar..." title and that's it?

My dad showed up right as I did that and then we were doing chalk lines for walls for a bathroom in my basement!!!! So, I had to pause the post. Sorry about that.

Ginny said...

you know you've made it so I actually look forward to Wednesdays, right??

Kristin said...

Seriously, I echo Ginny's comment. I want the From the Jar post every week. I'll write mine, probably tomorrow. Right now I'm headed up to the cemetery. My dad just called and they have my mom's headstone in place. For whatever reason I want to go see it now and not later.