Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From The Jar... #12

I guess this is sort of my own version of a meme. (see previous post) It's fun to read all your responses too, so thanks to all of you who play! :)

And the jar says...

Tell about your favorite aunt.

Hmmm... that's a tough one. I don't think I can just pick one. How 'bout I tell some of my favorite things about several of my aunts?

Mom's side:

Jann- She is the sweetest thing on the planet! I love to be around her. She's one of those people who just make you feel good.

Devan- Words cannot describe how much I love her. She has been my confidant and safe place for over two years now. I always felt a special connection with her, but she has lived in Houston my whole life so we didn't exactly spend a lot of time together. Over the last two years she and I have developed a VERY special relationship, indeed. If you're reading this, Devan, THANK YOU. You'll never know or understand fully the impact you've had upon my life and my husband's and childrens' lives. Future generations will be thanking you.

Bronwyn- She's the aunt on my mom's side I spent the most time with growing up. She only lived three hours away, as opposed to my other aunts, who lived in Texas (or Colorado, later). Her kids are all the same ages as my family and we all grew up very close. Bronwyn is the fun, cool one who you want to go shopping with. She's the devil on our shoulder on shopping trips! She's very encouraging when she thinks something looks cute on you. She is famous around our house for her fabulous cooking. All my aunts are incredible cooks, but Bronwyn seems to enjoy it the most and makes all kinds of yummy creative things. Mac has talked about her turkey soup for years now.

Tana- She is "the voice". All my aunts are beautiful singers, but Tana is the grand-champion of them all. She sang with all kinds of bands in her early days and she's opera-trained and has done many professional operas in the US and Europe. If I could choose anyone in the whole world to have my voice sound like, it would be her. She has a sweet quality to her voice that makes you want to weep. She also has all the power that comes with opera training. It's an amazing mix. Someday I will try to get a recording of her and my grandma singing together on here so you can all hear that sweet quality! :) I went and spent three or so weeks in Colorado with Tana and her husband and 1 year old daughter when I was 15. That time is a treasure in my memory. We created a special bond too.

Dad's side:
(I guess I'm writing about all my aunts instead of several... how can I leave one out when they are all so fantastic)

My dad has only brothers, so my aunts are by marriage, but they are as good as blood. We have such a blessed family full of so much love and mutual affection! I am so lucky!

Kathy- She is so sweet and gentle by nature, but she's got some kick! She is a computer programmer. I hardly recall ever seeing her angry. She reminds me a lot of my Grandma Carol that way. She is the most amazing, supportive mother I've ever encountered. Her kids are amazing and I know a lot of that has to do with she and Jim's supportive, loving, God-centered environment they created in their home.

Chris- This lady is a firecracker! She's hilarious! She says the funniest things and has a lot of fun teasing my uncle Mark (who is the biggest tease on the planet). She is a nurse at a school. She is an incredible hostess (reminds me of my Grandma Carol, again) who always makes you feel right at home and comfortable. She also has all boys and she is a take-no-crap kindof mom, which is perfect for the give-lots-of-crap, teasing boys she has. They are great kids too. (Kids... the youngest one is like twenty or something! He just got married.) Chris is so full of faith in Christ and love of God. She has a fierce love of her family and I admire her a lot.

I look up to all these great ladies. They are all so amazing and I have so much fun being around them. I only wish I could be around them more. How lucky am I to have such fine people in my life! (That includes you, too!)



Kaci said...

Awhh you are so sweet!!

Polly said...

Jar posts seem hard...I'll avoid those for
You are so kind and insightful!

Clancy in Idaho said...

I agree. Jar posts are kind of hard sometimes. You can pick and choose as most people seem to. I am doing it regardless. I said on the first jar post that I would do it and I'm goin' all the way, baby! Maybe someday I'll start making up my own questions and do another meme on another day of the week! I need something specific to blog about for every day of the week. It makes me blog (even when I don't feel like it) if I have a "routine" set up. :)