Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Compassion Speaks

I am compassion. I only know love. It wells up from my toes and gurgles out of the top of my head as a mountain spring unending.

I light upon her and she radiates with my glow. She glimpses dark eyes on people who close their door to me and it wounds her... makes her protect me, caress me, shield me. She thinks she knows. She doesn't realize that I envelope them too. I hold their dark eyes, even when contempt seeps out of them, spreading like a slow leak. It doesn't matter. Compassion rocks anyone who hurts in the cradle of her arms.

1 comment:

Britta said...

I love this. Compassion has been on my mind nonstop for three days now so this post was even more poignant for me to read today. Your words are beautiful and I love the personification.

and i love the powerful example you are of compassion