Tuesday, June 17, 2008

High School

I just read my friend Maggie's post about how she received an invite to her high school reunion and she threw it away. I was just thinking about my own high school reunion experiences (I commented about them on her blog...) and wondered how you all feel?

I went to two ten year HS Reunions. Yes, two... I lived in the same house my whole life, went elementary, junior high and three years of high school with the same people and then moved my senior year and graduated at a new high school. So I went to both reunions. The reunion of my senior year high school sucked rocks. The food sucked, most of the company sucked, the games sucked, the atmosphere sucked. It just all around sucked.

The other was rad. Awesome food, fun company, great games and a beautiful building. I loved it. I had a couple hundred people in my graduating class. I saw lots of people that I was really looking forward to seeing and some that I would never have imagined I'd enjoy seeing again, but actually did enjoy seeing. It was a blast. Everyone was excited to see everyone. It was super fun and I will definitely go to future reunions of my original high school. And I will definitely SKIP reunions of the high school I graduated from.

Something funny I noticed was that lots of the guys who were the "hotties" in h.s. looked older, chubbier and more bald and mostly all the girls looked exactly the same as I remembered them. It cracked me up.

How 'bout ya'll? If you have gone to reunions, how were they? Will you go again in five or ten years, or will you throw the invite out like Maggie?


Kristin said...

I'm a reunion attender. I enjoy seeing how everyone is doing. Of course, we all still spend time with the people we did in high school, but I still enjoy it all. I'm that way though... that's why I love blogging. I like the update on the people I knew.

Britta said...

This post made me laugh out loud! It's so funny how things change and I busted a gut reading you write, "sucked rocks!" You kill me!

I actually organized my 10 year and I can't say it sucked rocks but it wasn't the most amazing experience! We had lots of alcohol, a DJ and pizza but I did enjoy seeing everyone.

lamiss ibrahim said...