Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gettin' the Hang of Things...

I am happy to report that I am finally getting the hang of being a mom. Just kidding.... sort of. I just had a very successful birthday party event on Saturday. Let me elaborate...

Somehow we have managed to celebrate Ella's birthday this whole week. From Sunday to Saturday. It was not every day in between, but we had a little family party on Sunday last and then Wednesday was her actual birthday, upon which I had thought I'd do a little friend party for her. Memorial Day weekend was busy and the thought never entered my brain that to have said kid party, I would have to send out invitations IN ADVANCE! We all know that I'm a bit of a procrastinator (getting better... but not cured yet!) but this time it just wasn't even a thought that crossed the brainwaves. So, Tuesday afternoon I realize that her birthday (and the day I wanted to have her friend party) was tomorrow! Needless to say, I didn't have the party on her birthday. I felt guilty not doing anything on her actual birthday, so we went to the zoo and out to dinner like I said in a previous post.

Ella had her little heart set on a party with her cute friends... so we planned it for Saturday. I still managed to wait 'til Thursday afternoon to get the invites out, but none of the moms sent me any hate mail for my short notice, so I guess that means they will still be my friend.

I asked Ella what she would like to do at her party and she pulled out her I-know-my-mind card, and she fired off this list without any hesitation. (FYI, she did not get that card from me when we shuffled her deck!) She ticked each one of these off on her fingers as she spoke them:
  • Balloons
  • Tug-of-war
  • Red Rover
  • Fishing game
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Cake and Ice cream
I am sad to say, I picked up the balloons at the store and somehow didn't get out of the store with them. But everything else was on target.

Here is why I am so excited about this story- I am a notorious procrastinator, as mentioned. At events like this I am usually frantic because guests are arriving and I am not even close to ready. This time, I was only slightly frantic for the hour before, but I got everything ready by the time the first guests were arriving. (well, I did have to ask the first guest to go inside so I could hid the treasure without her seeing, but we won't count that! And we also won't count that I had to ask my mom to whip the cream for the cake...)

I am also famous for overplanning the amount of games for the amount of time. Not this party, baby! I suppose that could be Ella's doing, since she planned the party... Either way, we were done at almost exactly 3:30 which was right on schedule. I felt oddly satisfied when it was all over.

My favorite, and many of the kids' favorite as well, was actually the tug-of-war. I didn't want to buy a big fat rope for it, so we had to get creative. My dad busted out his climbing rope. I am not exactly sure how long it is, but it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 feet. We were getting it doubled up for the tug-of-war and somehow it evolved into a REALLY "long" game of jump rope. That would be long as in feet, not time. The kids were giggling non-stop as the weight of that doubled yet still very long rope would hit them and sometimes sweep their legs out from under them. It was truly hilarious.

Anyway, the party was great. Ella was thrilled, all kids had a good time, and the Mama was satisfied after a good, hard day's work on the Motherhood job site.


Kristin said...

Congratulations! That's awesome. I'm no where near the stage of birthday parties and they already terrify me. I'm also a procrastinator. Maybe I can tackle that weakness before the kids start coming over. Anyway, kudos on a job well done... all so very satisfying!

Maria Hart said...

It was an awesome birthday party, well-organized, fun activites. You get an A+ for being an awesome Mom! Your parents' yard is beautiful! Keller especially loved the trampoline. I especially loved getting my own piece of cake and then cleaning up Emma's and Keller's unfinished pieces, so none of it would go to waste, only it still went to waist! Ha! Ha!

Mags said...

I'm glad everyone had a great time at the party-especially Ella!

lamiss ibrahim said...