Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From The Jar... #5

I'm not feeling to bloggish today. Or tonight, as the case may be. The Jar must know this because I got a super easy one this time. And the Jar says...

What kind of extracurricular activities did you participate in while you were in school?

I had to look up the exact definition of extracurricular to make sure I had it right...

  1. Being outside the regular curriculum of a school or college: Sports and drama are the school's most popular extracurricular activities.
This one was easy for me because I didn't do any extracurricular activities. I wanted to, but I was a big fat chicken and I was terrified to try out for the things I wanted to do. In school I sang in choirs. That was it. And that can't be considered extracurricular because I got credit for it. I wanted to try out for the basketball team. I wanted to be in the musicals or plays. That's about all I wanted to do. I guess being chicken was not the only reason I didn't do it. Now that I'm thinking of it, I didn't want to have to stay after school for things. I wanted to zip out of there as soon as humanly possible! Anyway, that's it. Nothing extracurricular for me!

When I was out of school, now that's another story. I loved to play ultimate Frisbee! I guess there was some sort of ultimate Frisbee club in school, and I wanted to do that, but I never did. I also took voice lessons. I guess that could be considered extracurricular. Anyway, I was fairly boring. The end.

So, you know the rules. Tell me what you did extracurricular, either in a comment or let me know in a comment to go look at your blog! :) Happy Wednesday!


Ginny said...

Softball, HOSA, city youth council, and choir. And I worked as a dental assistant...don't know that it necessarily counts in the exact definition but I loved it and it kept me busy.

Hope you don't mind me jumping in on the Wednesday game.

P.S. Nice snow!

Clancy in Idaho said...

Ginny... You go girl! I'm impressed with your list of EC activities! I love that your playing From the Jar on Wednesdays! The more the merrier!

Maria Hart said...

Work ($$$) at a law firm, musical orchestras and rehearsal accompanist, seminary council, Girls' Federation. In college I was studying too hard, all my extracurriculars were jobs! I did volleyball and basketball in junior high, but the job won out in high school!

Kristin said...

So the only thing I remember off the top of my head is Drill Team. That's right... I danced on the drill team and LOVED it! I didn't fit in all that well, but I loved dancing, so it didn't matter. Other things I did, but didn't remember at first: Cross Country (never lettered because I didn't show up enough), Math Club (just call me geek), National Honor Society (I'm reading in my yearbook and this apparently was more than just having good grades - I seriously wonder how I was considered part of this), Sophomore Class Committee, Oh! I can't believe I almost left PEP CLUB out... how could I forget such a wonderful experience? Of course, that was required to do Cheer leading or Dancing, so what is a girl to do?

Genene said...

Heh, my word verification for this comment is xaggut!! Good one!

I'm sad because I typed a whole, big bunch of stuff and then "posted" it and forgot to log in so it went somewhere out into cyberspace, probably lost forever to people grounded in the same reality as me.

OK now for my real post......

Extracurricular activities for me were pretty slim. I didn't really have a clue. I sang in every kind of choir they had in my high school (there were four categories and, proudly, I qualified for all of them)and Ensemble and Madrigals in particular, took me on lots of fun field trips and "special" performances. I sang in a few plays and musical reviews. I danced as a Polynesian girl in the musical, South Pacific (boy was I tan for a few days there).

I just went to college cuz it was the "next thing to do", Right? I think I made some friends, got into some trouble, (tee hee), took a pottery class and did some Judo club stuff. I was on the gymnastics team in my second year (at my two year college) and I was a janitor at the P.E. building and I would quite frequently get to jump on the trampolines in the gym for hours with some friends. Movies (the few that came through town, bought a sled for the winter time transportation (one way) and had a general good time. I think I even learned some stuff. Then, I got married! That was the next thing to do RIGHT?

So, the learning goes on and on and on. I was probably more "asleep at the wheel" than most people I knew at that age. Most peopole seem to have had a clear goal for what they were doing. I was just cruisin' along and doing the next thing.

Now I know that the learning never really ends and just as I think I understand things and start to get a handle on them, some other big AHA comes along and teaches me that I only thought I "knew".

Oh, life, the great adventure!


Big Sis said...
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Big Sis said...

Way-ell... there was Show Choir at 6:30 AM (Zero Credit) and rehearsals for Drama which was the last period, right after school. I was literally THEE biggest choir/drama nerd that NEEDED to take government in between 11 & 12 for summer that all the choral and theater credits could get in!! Oh ya, and seminary (oi vay- here comes the drama in me) of which I didn't graduate (1 credit shy). But guess who didn't care?! Cuz I was serisouly sick with the idea that I had to take choir & drama ALL the time... and I was fine with not graduating from seminary. Sad that this theme developed & blossomed further into other UNFINISHED things in my life **sigh** Hmph. Oh well. Life goes on... but the sickness continues!!! Thus my passion for singing and drama combined in the ultimate experience of art- opera. LOVE IT!!! :o)

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