Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From The Jar... #7

Wednesday again? I love that I know that I'll have something particular to blog about on Wednesdays. It's a nice feeling. And the jar says....

How many siblings do you have? Describe them. Tell a story about you and each of them.

This is much funner for me than last week's jar pull. Lengthy post, as a forewarning...

There are five children in my family. I am third of the five. Sarah, Zandy, Clancy, Lacy, Taylor.

Sarah (or Sassy, as we like to call her) is a fun gal. She is a little shorter than me with blondish hair and greenish-blue eyes. For work, she plans events (parties etc..) for the staff of a neuro-psyc hospital. She's very good at what she does. She's creative and smart. She's dependable and efficient. She likes to read. She is slightly OCD- particularly when it comes to loading her dishwasher. She almost always re-loads what I load when I'm at her house. I've just learned not to do her dishes unless I wash them by hand! :) She is very classy. I think she gets that from my grandma- they have similar tastes. She always likes to present things in a beautiful way. If she brings a dish to a party, it's always arranged in an eye-pleasing way and it is to die for delicious. She is a masterful salad maker. Her house is decorated very tastefully. Classy. She's always dressed well... again, classy. She is good mother, wife and sister who is very giving of herself and her time.

A story about she and I...
Like I said above, she was always a good dresser. She has great taste in clothes and I would always steal them when I was in Jr. High and she was in High school. (she's four years older than me) She left before me and I got home before her, so I would steal clothes after she left and take them off before she got home. I'm sure you're surprised to hear that she didn't like that much. I would risk the wrath of Sarah to look as good as she! We had one year of high school together. That was a rough year for my career as a thief. I would watch for her in the halls as one would watch for a cop on the roads when they are speeding. If I saw her, I would dart away as quick as I could. It was a bad day when I got caught. Needless to say, we weren't best friends in those years, but we are really good friends now. I love to hang out with her and I'm grateful she's my sister!

Zandy (Alexander is his real name), who is two years older than me, is the analytical type. He's incredibly smart and talented in every way. I call him the Midas touch boy... at everything he tries, he does exceptionally well. He's always been a brainiac. He took AP calculus his junior year of high school. He's a computer geek of the coolest degree. (I believe his title at work is "Internet Security Architect") He plays the guitar with supreme skill. He works hard and he is very loyal. He is also the nicest pain in the butt you will ever meet. He's the kind of guy that thinks he is ALWAYS right, yet he's mostly really nice about letting you know that he is right. He's handsome, about 5'10" or 5'11", super green eyes, blondish hair (at least it used to be). He's an awesome athlete... always played soccer really well, mountain bikes like a madman, rock climber... he's just plain ol' talented!

The memory of he and I that jumps out at me is sitting in his room listening to him play the guitar. He started playing when he was 12, if memory serves. When he was probably about 14 I would slip into his room all the time, sit quietly and watch him play. Sometimes I would sing with him while he played. He would practice about three hours every day for years. I loved to watch that. I felt like I was bonding with him. Whether he felt the same, I don't know, but it always meant a lot to me.

Lacy is the artistic one. She is three years younger than me. She's got amazing hazel eyes and honey colored hair. She's also just a touch shorter than me... probably about 5'5". She was often seen to others as quiet and maybe a little shy, perhaps because she was always doing her own thing as a kid. That was what a lot of people thought, but at heart she is a barrel 'o fun and a little wacky! (at least when she is around her siblings, particularly me and Taylor!) She is also extremely talented. She is a great singer with perfect pitch, or very close to it. She plays the piano and is an amazing artist. I watch her whip out drawings in minutes that I couldn't draw if I had weeks or even months. She is a devoted sister, mother and wife who would do anything for the people she loves. She's a gem.

A memory of Lacy and I would have to be when we were quite young, and I was her clothing matcher. Lacy, being artistic and a little bit of an introvert, (and being her father's daughter!) had a tendency to come up with some wacky clothing combinations. While my mom let her wear whatever she came up with a lot of the time, if we had somewhere special we were going mom would say to me, "Will you please go make sure Lacy matches?" I also got put in charge of doing her hair. Lacy had the most sensitive scalp on the planet, and she liked me to brush her hair better than my mom. So, I often was Lacy's personal assistant. It was a pleasure most of the time.

She and I would walk to school together too. She was probably in first grade and me in about 4th. We would often leave late (I know it's shocking that I left late as a child!) and Lacy just didn't care. It was hard to light a fire under her. I would make up games to help her hurry. I told her that the principal was the king and the secretary was the queen and they would chop off our heads if we were late for school. So we would run and talk about how the evil king and queen would punish us and how we've just got to get there on time! We would also play a game where I would yank her forward by the arm and then she would yank me forward. We'd do it as fast as we can to hopefully get there on time. She is a sweetheart and I loved to take care of her.

Taylor is one of the most dynamic people I know. He is six years younger than me. He's smart, handsome and SERIOUSLY funny. I laugh more around Taylor than any person on the planet. He is just plain hilarious. He is too charismatic for his own good. People love him and he knows it. He has vast potential. He doesn't always maximize on that. He spends a little too much time on video games, in my opinion, at which he has almost savant tendencies. Yes, folks, he is a gaming genius. I've watched him play video games with countless people who get so mad at him (myself included) because he wins every stinkin' time with what seems like effortless ease. He's also an incredible singer. He was named the Most Valuable Singer in his elite high school choir. He sang a song at my grandma's funeral... it's been over two years now, and people are still talking about how they had to pick their jaw up off the floor and rub their arms to make the goosebumps go away when he was done. He is truly talented.

Taylor and I have had some good times. They mostly involve Lacy too. We were kindof the three musketeers when we moved to Idaho when I was a senior. None of us had a lot of friends because we were new, so we spent a lot of time together. We take the word 'silly' to a level that most people couldn't dream of. It might be described as crazy. Taylor has always been the sound-effects king. He can do so many funny things. When he gets going I can't stop laughing. Then he laughs at my laughing and it makes me laugh more. It's a vicious circle.

Another fond memory is road trippin' with Lacy and Taylor. My senior year we started school in Idaho but my parents still hadn't sold their house in Utah. They bought me a car so that I could go up during the week to Idaho and come home to Utah during the weekend with Tay and Lace. Every time we got in the car to make that drive Taylor would be asleep within 5 minutes. Literally. And he would not wake up until we got to our destination. It didn't matter what time of day it was or what position he was in, he did it every time.

This is a picture of all of us, with the addition of Zandy's wife, Nicky. From left to right, Lacy, Taylor, Nicky, Zandy, Clancy, Sarah.

There you go! A little knowledge gained about me and my siblings. So, let's hear about yours!


Rachel Chick said...

I loved hearing about your siblings! They sound great! -- Just like you!

By the way, what are you doing making blog posts in the wee hours of the morning??? Are you nuts?! :) Go to sleep! :) LOL!

Kristin said...

This was a great post... I'm definitely going to do mine. You are so positive! I want to be that way... maybe if I practice on other people I'll do better with myself too.

Polly said...

That was way too funny. Thank you for the comedy today. I can totally see you and Lacy talking about the King and Queen at school. You are like, the expert observer and praiser...your siblings will love you for your amazing words!

Clancy in Idaho said...

Aw... thanks gals! Polly, the funny thing about your statement "You are like, the expert observer and praiser...your siblings will love you for your amazing words!" is that I don't think any of my siblings read my blog, so the praise will go unread by the subjects of the praise. That's ok though. I still love them like crazy and I'll tell them on my own on another day.

But, if I die before I tell them, will you please direct them to my blog so they can read it! :)

Glad you got a chuckle out of this. It's probably funnier if you know them, huh?

Maria Hart said...

I am constantly amazed at our similarities! My older brother is the computer-take-apart-and-fix-everything-always-right geek! He always takes charge, he makes lists, he is great with people and always networking. I am the second. My little brother is not really academic, though very smart. He is amazing with symbols and spatial relationships - he is great at chess. He is also a very good shot. He is the least judgemental of all of us, and can make friends with people from every walk of life. Sarah, my little sister, is musical, fun, athletic, and very funny. We get pretty silly together, and no one laughs at my stupid jokes better than her. Also, I did several road trips with my older brother, one to Nauvoo, over a very muggy Memorial Day Weekend. I am extremely jealous of your Hawaii trip, I am yearning to go!

Ginny said...

didn't have time to read this yesterday so got both of them today. it was nice, i got the whole bit at once!! ok, might just have to add that one to my blog if i have time in my crazy day today! watch for it??

Britta said...

this was a great post! i was relieved and am proud to admit that i already knew most of these things! i guess we are getting old! i definitely enjoyed reading this post and am just happy that oyu are part of such an amazing family! knowing how wonderful you are it all just makes sense ;)